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Miss Cool

She looks so cute with her build so fine,
A perfect figure that is quite divine.
She walks with a wiggle and loves to pose,
Her head held high as her long mane flows.

The guys drool at her every move,
They think she's cool and very smooth.
But then she says it's all a front,
A little game she calls "the hunt".

See her dance the night away,
And how she makes her body sway.
The gear is casual, the mood is cool,
No one takes her to be a fool.

Many parties she attends with glee,
A firm favourite, as all can see.
A charmer, disarmer with a very quick brain,
Her promise is given but not for gain.

She works in the city, drives a fast car,
Knows all the expensive joints by far.
She is never short of a guy to date,
Who never renege or arrive a bit late.

With much hard work she made her name,
Her early life wasn't quite the same.
So now she cherishes all the trappings she's won,
She remembers too well of when she had none.

Written & (c) John McKay Withey 2008

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    • Thanks, I try to keep the storyline interesting. Miss Cool was a figment of the imagination. John.
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