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love hurts beautifully

When were parted I feel down and ill
you’re my lover, my addiction, my daily pill.

I need you here to hold me tight
still my fears throughout the night.
pull me close and kiss my lips
hold me tight with your fingertips

the physical side is nothing compared
to the emotional feelings, that we’ve shared
lay with me now, snuggled in this quilt
and enjoy this love we have gradually built

candles burn out, fires are weak
but this flame’s eternal, our love is unique
my heart is yours, my soul is bound
to your entire existence, true love I’ve found

I look into your eyes and see my future

I hold your hands and feel my life

I listen to your heart and hear 2 beats
Together were entwined and our rhythm meets
One is yours and one is mine
This love that’s present is so divine

Never let me go, I urge you to listen
My tear drops start to fall
my eyes are puppy dogged and they start to glisten
My fear is that your love will stall

I love you, and I’m squeezing you tight
I’m never letting you go
I hold your hand and connect are fingers
For this love shall forever flow.

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