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i wish u understood


When I think about him even to this day he still somehow manages to take my breath away but all thats left to do is just turn away. I didnt want to say goodbye I wish we could just start back at the first day i said hi. As i mezmorize the way i felt when i looked in your eyes. I thought what we had was going to last, but all this came about way to fast. Its around a quarter till 2 and here i sitt still missing you. I know my friends are trying to get it but what they dont relize is its still just you and me in it! I cant explain this sad feeling tho i promise you that im healing. Ive still got to try even if all i remain to do is cry. One day i hope you see that i wanted you back so bad i would get down on one knee. Im going to try not to cry, try not to pry, even tho i found out that everything was a lie. Most of all inside ill try not to die. I am still to this day very in love with you. I wish you would just get the clue bacause maybe then i could quit thinking about you. Well im off now to practice not to cry so at this moment for now its just goodbye!


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