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What Awaits Another Day?

All want to know Why this girl feels so alone Yet she is as quiet as a doe Bothering no one, heart like a stone Easily shattered into a million pieces Her heart could break any minute Yet she still waits for the one to save her Knowing one day he will come Every sunrise she has hope Yet every sunset leading to the sunrise It may be another failure as this day to come She knows less and less hope that he will appear Because now he is invisible When she needs him the most Just when almost all hope has been lost He catches her eye Yet she still cannot say a word Though she still feels alone She knows she needs him She knows he is the one Though she can't help but let him walk away She feels as if he didn’t see her Though she caught his eye as well She was glowing like an angel Sparkling in his eyes He knew he needed her He knew she was the one So as he thought of a way To make her see why they should be together She wondered if she would see him again Knowing she would have maybe had a chance If she’d have said hi Finally he made the decision To go to her and tell her exactly how he feels Not knowing she felt the same way about him Finding him She instantly falls into his arms, and He holds her without hesitation Telling her how much he loves her She smiles, telling him she feels the same way Softly he kisses her forehead, promising to never leave As they lay down, drifting away into a dreamless sleep Seeing as they have all they need There with them, Together.

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    • I love it! Thats almost like you where writing wbout me and my b/f! awesome! two thumbs waaay way up!
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      • very nice
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