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What could be wrong?

She was a young girl Somewhat helpless when it came to situations Her parents were fighting As she turns white In fear, she bleeds black School is the only thing holding her together. She’s dying when she’s home. She can’t stand the pain. Picture her at home with her parents Them not talking, not hugging, not kissing There is no love between them She can hear every word they’re saying In place of every word they aren’t saying She’s falling Breaking Into millions of pieces Her heart is aching She just can’t get away from misery She tries to help But she can’t She’s still bleeding She’s still dying slowly She’s still falling and breaking Now it’s getting harder for her to breathe She feels so alone In this small, dark room Everyone cares about what’s going on Yet there is silence in this room If they care so much Why won’t they speak? They are afraid of her They are afraid they might end up like her They want to help But they don’t want to get hurt So she’s still bleeding, slowly dying She’s still falling and breaking She’s still hardly breathing She’s crying so much Why won’t someone help her? Why must she pretend she’s ok? Someone help her!

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