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No time to be jealous

Slowly drifting, silence creeping, hearts wounded, cuts seeping Encrypted smiles, forbidden pleasures, lonely miles, hidden treasures Beauty crafted, souls free, truly wanting unity Throw your spikes of sarcasm Overwhelm me with darts of destruction Pierce me with your shafts of emerald green stares Jealousy condensed into crystal like éclairs. A Delicious deceit viciously discreet Admiring me, desiring me, obsessively wanting me Eternity is forever ticking away. Your wrinkles display wisdom, Your veteran skin is your justification of existence. You’ve lived and gave others the opportunity For that I’m thankful Our souls hold the key to eternal peace and unity. Allow us to live and experience You have the steering wheel of your own destiny Your fate is in your hands of existence Life is your own path, now start walking.
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