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True Love

It’s strange to be here, the mystery never leaves u alone, the image of our future destined upon us with the hearts of gold this deep infinite love fuelling my heart shouts out for you, screaming for attention. My soul threaded, embedded and entwined with yours is shouting out for acception. We both possess and sense this deep love that lingers in the air, Patient yet anticipating, ready to jump. You have opened my eyes, and for now I stare, Listening to the rhythmic bass my heart thumps. Although the word love is repeated and mislaid, beaten and made sour . It’s the meaning of love I show which is the infinite power. I’m weakened by your existence, I feel for you, I’m hurt and need you to heal me. Conceal my scars and feel me, I do love you and forever will If you’re not with me physically then search into my heart I will be with you mentally For true love cannot part.
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