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The guys just adore your classic looks,
Reminiscent of beauties often seen in books.
Who dance the Flamenco or grace magazines,
In swirling bright colours and tight fitting jeans.

You are so elegant with your dressy style,
I just like to sit and watch for a while.
Your silken hair with its lustrous colour,
Makes others around you so much duller.

You're slightly nervous when sometimes we talk,
As purposely I tell you something to shock.
And often when discussed in coloured detail,
Your cheeks will blush and your senses pale.

You can be shy with people you don't know,
If to unfamiliar places we sometimes go.
But you know I'll be there to comfort and care,
If you feel the situation is difficult to bear.

What are your feelings when we speak our thoughts,
Our birth signs are compatible, that tells us lots.
If you do believe that in the stars is our fate,
They have proved to me you are my destiny's date.

Hopefully you'll realise as time passes by,
That my feelings for you will reach to the sky.
And you'll know we two will always be one,
If we can spend time talking or just having fun.

(c) John McKay Withey

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