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too much to drink

Humongous words amaze minimalist minds, horrendous rhythmic beauty streaming eternal lies, flow forever floating upon a never ending stream, corrupted disrupted by broken down beams. Shattered, clouded internally , reaching externally , erupting waves crash impulsively onto your torn soul, the mood changes directions persuaded to reverse into blackened holes, goals clouded aims shrouded mist is visible life is miserable, drunk is vocabulary. sounds mean words and words equal jumble, splattered, pissed, u get the gist , this is blabber with a point I’m drunk but not fully, fill me more with your yellow poison, add red bull enter my mind shatter my head retard my brain I’m backwards yet walking forwards I’m stable yet on the floor, I’m on my own two feet but leaning , I’m numb and bleeding yet I have no feeling. pity me, spit on me, its your own choice, but ignore my voice its wrong, I’m possessed by this depressant, a social drink that makes u anti – social – where’s the sense in that where’s your thinking hat help me clear my mind its hard to find a rhyme that’s designed to dodge those invisible mines, planted everywhere you go, sometimes you should say NO before you do become drunk.

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  • there is not meant to be any spaces... sorry if its hard to read.
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    • okay well i am forever confused by these big words.
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