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On my eighteenth birthday

You say everything is right, everything is beautiful I want to fly but I'm too weak on my own I know you won't leave me I want to runaway but not alone tell me you'll come with me we'll fly away where no one will find us Tell me you'll pick me up before the sun comes up And on a quiet wild night we will leave everything behind us in your car, we'll discover that no one can rob us of our youth Everyone needs to know and they will wonder where we went where we'll go but they'll never know And I know in my soul and nobody but you will love me no one but you will touch me will know me, will care about me, will kiss me the way you do you're all I have when this world caves in, and leaves me empty but you, you give me all I need and more. one look at you and I'm gone One kiss when were alone and I know I'll move along. tell me a secret, that no one will know Give me a kiss, that takes away the cold I need you here, once, twice, three times and infinty give me a reason to live if you're not here when you tell me you love me, do you know how I feel? when i'm in bed, smiling and talking to you? feeling only your voice? in my heart, my soul? You make me feel beautiful when I sleep next to you, when I feel you close.. it is like nothing in this world.. no way... it's more. come closer, let me make you feel new Let me tell you what I feel these feelings only for you my one and my only my only one is you the night is so quiet, and I want to feel you like a blanket over me out at sea, I'm not alone no, I'm here with you. tell me you can't survive without me not for one night I will follow you where ever you go I'll show you feelings you would have never known and when were together the whole world is nothing and I know if I have you I'll never have to open my eyes again because everything I've dreamed of was in a dream with you.

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