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It's been a week now Since you took your love away I'm so hurt and broken I miss you so muchWithout you everything falls apart* You really broke my heart is pieces You tore it apart My heart's crying out in pain It's crying out your name screaming "come back" I miss feeling your heartbeat against my chest I feel weak without you You looked me right in the eye and told me you loved me The next day, you looked me right in the eye and you told me that you no longer loved me that you no longer wanted to be with me I couldn't believe my ears It was then when my heart died That my heart broke in pieces It broke right in front you and you didnt even help me pick up the pieces You just stared at me as I cried You really broke my heart How can you love someone and the next day you tell them you dont want to be with them anymore ? The thought of us not kissing hugging cuddling holding hands making love and ever being together is what I hate most And it just makes me cry thinking that I'll never be with you again I don't understand How can you tell me that I was the best girlfriend you've ever had and that you've spent 8 incredible months with me and break up ? I do not understand You really meant everything to me And now all I have left are memories of you & me I can not live without you* I love you.

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