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Just Walked In

I just walked in from a hard day's night All you want to do is fight Lethargy has taken over Left me without feelings Seems to me somehow you'd notice There's nothing in my eyes No feelings, no sympathy, no fear No desire to be close I used to love you being here Couldn't wait to hold you near Trusted you with all my heart Promised you we'd never part Where did that go without my consent How did you ruin us with complete descent Into dark times I can't escape And dread so much when I awake How can I not cry when I look at you Knowing not what else to do How can I forgive the pain of my memories Kind, fun loving times destroyed by hateful abuse You've made me despise myself for ever loving you And I don't think I will ever forgive myself For allowing you to have that power over me Still, I know, I have to leave and yet, worry about what will happen to you But, I will recover

Written by Denise for now
Submitted by Denise for now

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