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Special Visit

This City seems to be the darkest place And these grimy streets hang with fear All these rags still leave me frozen cold And I smile, when I pretend you're hereI take out my cell phone, and I see 23 missed calls... I laugh and say, "The good is left to fall." Broken and hollow I find my way to your place I've fallen hard into your holes But you're still on my list to chase I don't know what you've done Something so strong inside I don't know what it is but I know I've tried and tried (To figure it out) I arrive at the corner It’s 12:26 AM, The night is still young I'm almost there, the waiting is almost done. I'll practice what to tell you the words that will make you smile I'll laugh and lie, saying- "I walked a million miles." If the world hasn't ended yet, then promise me a kiss help me find a way so I don't have to live like this I tighten my scarf and look at the dark skies Blue, gray, cerlean... Shades of lies. Trembling Rain, white stars... Can't believe I'm not that far... Until I get to touch you again. I'm in front of your door, With a soft knock... You open and scream I laugh and I sing It all pulls away like a dream And I know, walking all the way from there to here (Though it was a long way) it was worth it.

Written by KiNk0*
Submitted by KiNk0*


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