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No more that, No more this. Nobody to hold, Nobody to kiss. That warm day in april was the day I found out you were the one, But that cold day in december was the day I realized all we had was gone. About seven months of Hot kisses, spilling secrets, long nights, pink skies Shiny stars, skinny dipping, guitar licks, funny rymes Sitting on the beach, Talking on the phone Escaping through the window just to be alone. Jumping the fence, holding eachother all night, Kissing and wispering to make it allright. Crawling through the city, laughing at the time Singing until our lungs gave in and then I made you mine. You promised me forever that summer, Now I'm back home... (You promised me forever) But here in bed, I've never felt so alone. I still have you here I still feel your touch I still hear your voice And I still miss you too much. I want to go back... You promised to write You promised to call... Now nothing is ok, And The rain begins to fall. The phone never rang, Theres still no sign of a letter. I should've not fallen so hard, I should've known better.

Written by KiNk0*
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