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Just because I'm suicidal doesn't mean I want to die.

Written by Christinaa
Submitted by Christinaa

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  • I love this qoute. I'm suicidal it's not that I want to die its that I want to get away from it all and I've tried many times but the dark clouds follows you and I like all of this Persons work. It's hard to explain but easier to show....
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    • Chris, Don't listen to "the" he/she just don't understand what we got throw everyday of our life. For all you people that don't know whats like stay the f*ck off her back about it, WHEN you live a life like ours then you will understand why we say what we say and do what we do.Chris, if you need to talk I'm here for you.
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      • Please don't hurt your bodies, your body is like a sacred temple, it should not be harmed by anything. Love yourself, Love what you have, Love everyone else. I have very little, but I am thankful for what very little I have. I have faith in all of you women and men who are suicidal, I know you will find a better way. Love yourselves, do not hurt yourself. Love always, Angeliana.
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        • People will hurt themselves, People will kill themselves. People will fight eachother. People will hurt eachother. People will lose eachother. But people will find eachother. All these things cannot be avoided. Take the good with the bad. Whichever you agree or disagree with is strictly up to you. Judge and you shall be judged. If the world were a perfect place than everyone would simply love eachother and themselves still wars would be among us, because as human beings, we fear the unknown and hate what we cannot be.
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          • I don't really understand the quote. Suicide is the intentional taking of one's own life. So how could being suicidal be not wanting to die? Not to rain on the parade or anything by being pedantic, but it's kind of misleading and I think that's why some people are getting angry. I think you're getting mixed up with being depressed, and in that way I can relate.
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