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ANA Benefits

1 - You will be thin. 2 - You won't look at pictures of models or celebs wishing you were their size because you will be. 3 - You will be able to wear your "Thin Clothes" again.4 - You will look good in whatever you wear. 5 - You will feel more confident and happy with yourself. 6 - You will look perfect on the outside, allowing you inner perfection to show. 7 - You will have complete control over your life, and other people will know. 8 - Fat is... a lazy, slobby, greedy and unintelligent person. Thin is... an intelligent, eager person who is in control of her life 9 - You will rule your stomach while others are slaves to their hunger. 10 - You will feel as light as a feather. 11 - You will be able to see your beautiful pure bones. 12 - You will be able to wear a bikini and feel proud. 13 - People will congratulate you on how much weight you've lost, those who don't are jealous. 14 - You will be perfect as nature intended you.

Written by Unknown
Submitted by Christinaa

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  • Well, thats kind of sad how people fall into that, I have a friend who has an eating disorder and its a pretty scary thing. I used to want to be dealthly thin and luckily the right people dragged me out of that stage, thanx for posting it, christina.
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