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I love you

My heart as belonged to you since the day we met
I kept you warm inside, held you close as we watched the sunset
My love for you is deeper than deep
I gave you my trust its there to keep

I reach deep into its core
My feelings grow stronger
I love you more and more
My love grows fonder

Why can’t I see you here?
Kissing my lips, with your hands around my waist
Why can’t I wipe away your tear?
And feel how love tastes

Wondering when you’ll give in to my love
Let the walls around you collapse
The words “I love you”
Give you a shock and you gasp

You definitely feel the same
But you’re in a difficult position
I’m the one to blame
There’s no need for a decision
Take my heart and I'll take yours
Forget our pasts and heal our sores

I will be with you forever

Written by tom bennett

Submitted by tom bennett


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