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Beauty of the world

As I open the window, I open it wide I feel the wind seep inside I stare at the sky, glaring at the stars hearing the rare passing by of cars This sort of moment I treasure seeing the beauty of the world sensing the wind gently touching my skin My breath creates a cloud of mist as the warmth from with-in enters the cold unknown the world as a twist as the beauty is shown It's a dark and gloomy night brightened with the city lights creating pretty shadows for the trees the leaves flow with the gentle breeze The moon fades away as the sun starts to rise this beauty unimaginable to my very own eyes As the lights are reflected of my pond the water sparkles and glimmers the light becomes stronger it begins to weaken the dark gradually day takes over the birds start to sing the world is now awake The beauty is hidden away as its a start to another day.
Written by tom bennett
Submitted by tom bennett


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