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Heart Broken

My soul aches, My heart breaks. A tear in my eye, I'll forever cry. I wish my pain away, I wish it away today. Why does it hurt so bad, Does this make him glad? Why does he douse my inner flame? Was this breakup my blame? What did I do to deserve this? I just wish I could have one last kiss. Why am I so heartbroken? A depressed soul I'll always be, Everyone will always see. I will be strong, Because he was wrong. This is now the past, It's going very fast. Love so simple, but hard to say, It keeps me living another day. I'm drowning in thoughts of how things use to be, My chest was shut tight, complete with purity. It's been a bad day, I'll try letting it not show, Another sad day, I'm just letting it go. Why am I so heartbroken?
Written by Crystal A.
Submitted by Crystal A.


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Comments (9)
  • that is really cute. I like it ALOT and its like just what my life is about.
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    • after reading your poem I remember my stupid ex-boyfriend...u know crystal he is not the only man in this world.. be strong ok.... im a broken hearted too...
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      • I love your poem it what most girl go throught I glad you wrote this showing lot of love.
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        • Every word in that poem reminds me of what I went through everyday for months...the pain still hasn't gone away and I know it never will. I'll always love him but maybe it wasn't meant to be and i've learned that through time I have healed and am continuing to heal. He will always be important to me but he doesnt understand that. One day there will be that guy that will love you back just as much as you love him. I hope in time you find your light..like I have currently...im sure you'll be happy again
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          • hi i am heartbroken one year ago we broke up because of our misunderstanding after our break up my life feels empty! its because we broke up but i still love him! till now i can't move on because i still love him! what shall i do if the guy who makes me happy who also break my heart! i want to move on now but how? nice poem crystal a>
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