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I am a 15 year old bisexual. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a younger sister named shelby she is 13 years old. my favorite color is purple. I have a huskey-mixed wolf dog. Her name is Macy.
life being bi is really hard. every time i turn around my mom wants me to die. she hates me to death! I hate her too. she doesn't understand that I love a girl! why can't she beleive in me why can't she see that i am happy only it's with edie. I love her to death and my mom don't care. she hates the fact that someone cares. let me tell all you bisexuals loveing someone is one thing but when they love you back NEVER let them go. For ANYONE!
Hey baby I know we don't really talk that much and we don't really hang out. I just want you to know that I love you. And this you should believe because you know that I don't like saying it unless I mean it and I don't like people saying it to me unless they mean it. But I really do love you and I hope this works out. You might think I don't know that you flirt and cheat but I do... Cody I still love you.

Written by sexybtch-shawna
Submitted by sexybtch-shawna
You prepare for something or someone you love to die but when it happens you don't know how to deal with it. Then you get over it soon. But when somebody talks about it you start thinking about it again.You can't stop yourself. You start thinking who's next. Is my spot gonna go. You can't figure it out. you think I, me, might be next in deaths design... What would you do if death struck someone or something close to you? That's death for you.

Written by Destinee Rae
Submitted by sexybtch-shawna

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