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im sarah, from the beautiful island of samar "DALUPIRI ISLAND" simply love to read poem, likes arts and literature. But never take up ABlanguage and Literature instead taking up the bSbiology.
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at first, love is a wonderful thing that happen in everyone's life, Love that makes the world colorful and thats what I believe in. I believe that love conquers all, that all is impossible when it comes to love. But this for me is all a lie, lie because it doesnt really happen in me. Its really hard to believe because its different from real world.

i been in a relationship in which I thought i give my best, i give everything, i sacrificed but gain nothing, i've done my best but my best wasn't good enough. i cried a river of tears, i try to end up my life and worst of all, i've been living in a world of pain.

i ask myself where do i supposed to stand, where do i made a mistake, why does the relationship i've been working out wasn't successful, it's always been a failure. always.. it seems that everything of me is useless.

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Falling In Love

True love can bear the longitude of waiting even it takes forever. When confused about love, follow your heart, it may not always be right, but you will have the memories to make you smile. If your head tells you one thing and your heart tells you another, before you decide, you should think first whether you have a better head or a better heart. It’s okay to kiss a fool or let the fool kiss you but never let a kiss fool you. Don’t find love, let it find you, that’s why it is called “falling in love”, you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall. Never be ashamed to show love when you feel it because what is the most painful is to love and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel. Love hurts more when you break up with someone. It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you. But love hurts most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

      Girls are like angels, they forget and forgive, while men are devils, they easily get and forget. To love someone is to have the courage to walk away and to let go the other one whom wishes to be free, no matter how it hurts. On the course of love, people must teach their hearts to be brave enough to let go when they realized that things are not meant to be after all. Never say “I Love You”, when you don’t care. Never talk about feelings if they are not there. Never touch a heart if you mean to break it. Never look into the eyes if you have to say a lie. And never say hello if you mean to say goodbye. For words and hearts should be handled with care, cause when words are spoken and hearts are broken is the hardest things to repair.

     The simplest pick-up line does not have so many words; all I need is “I “ for me to say, “LOVE” for me to share it and “YOU” for me to give it. Don’t share your tears to someone who hurt you. Don’t long for someone if they left. Don’t feel sorry if you fail when you try your best. Someone out here is more deserving for your time and love. True love is not when the heart beats faster or fastest, but when it beats no more and yet the loves the persons, then you are using your mind. But if you love with no reason, then you are using your heart.

   Now examine yourself do you love with no reason at all? I still think it doesn’t matter as long as you love nothing matters much more.



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Its been a year that i been living in pain. I've tried to move on thinking that it happen because God wanted me to get the best and give me the one whom I deserve.

I remember the day we become together, that day i though was the happiest moment of my life because im a fool in loving you, foolishly inlove that even my parents couldnt stop me for fighting the love  that I feel for you. My parents doesnt like the way you are, but it does not the hindrance and i still fighting for that love. I want to prove to my parents that they are wrong because I believe that they would see the other side of you. Maybe I was just blind believing in what you had said to me, the flowery words that melt me, the sweet words of promise that I Hold on and thought that it would come true.

I remember the day you said we have to get married, but i refuse because I know we are not prepared yet to that kind of life, and one of us promise that we have to find ways so that we can have our own life. I walk away but its not that I walk away with you but I move just because I want to find ways that made us realized our dreams, but now as i see it, i am just only the one dreaming because all you said is just a lie, a promise that was only made to be broken.

Days of hardwork, days of endless pressure but its not the thing that stop me because i thought that someday we could be together and build our own.
I had given you everything I can, I give you my promise that i will help you to achieve your dreams but maybe a long distance relationship doesnt work out, you become the one whom I never know.

The saddest part in my life is being fooled by you, i thought i know you, because we have the promise that if one of us will fall out of love and find someone knew would tell each other because i am open and honest to you and i want the same with you. But maybe i was so kind and you abuse me. Girls your with always text me, saying a words that couldnt be eat by someone. Texting me how dare I am not knowing who I am to your life. I don't know why did she text me that way, i don't know her and all my fault maybe is i was really inlove with my so called bf.

i been praying that hope someday you will know how to thank me for the things that I give you. and i never prayed that you will get the misfortunes of your life because i wish you all the luck.

After a long days of frustration and sadness, there comes hope., that give light to my life. Hope that give me the courage to move on and let go of things that makes me sad and furious. I realized that i been a fool for so many months, dreaming that someday we will build a happy life. a life that is perfect and wonderful. But this dreams i know wouldnt come true.


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" I'm dreaming of a beautiful life, a life that is so simple and wonderful. Life that is full of fun, laughters and full of wonderful moments to hold on forever. Dreaming is what I've been doing since the day I meet you. I'm dreaming to build a happy life with you. Dreaming, dreaming and still dreaming and hoping that this could come true"

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B - egin in a simple hi and hello, until a good relationship develop and grow.
E - everything seems so perfect and so tru in between me and you
S - tarted to share a memories that hard to resist, a memories that no one could ever do except
      me and you
T -hrough hard times and happy times

F - riend is what I have you
R - eminisce the moment is what i love to do
I - n love and in pain, there always you
E - ndless nights and days, weve been together
N - o one will I ever compare you because the
D - ay you become a friend of me is the day that made me realized that life is so nice and happy.

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To Madz......

I just want you to know how happy I am to have you in my life. Im very lucky because i know you, fortunate for having someone like you because your really a nice person whom I admire and love. I will love you forever and ever.

you know that day you left?, i was broken into pieces. I feel broken and theres something lost in me. I really don't know what it is but i feel empty and i'm longing for you. Feeling that i thought it was just a symphaty to a very dear one. Im crying and crying and thought i lost you forever. Its been the worst scenery in my life, and i know i will never forget that day. The day u were hurt and the day you left. Kissbut God give way so that I may found you again.

Now that i found you, hope you will be forever mine. forever till the day that we depart in this world.


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How I wish I could turn back time, where I never meet you, where I never known you, where I never had this strange feeling but maybe it was fate that brought you into my life just to say hello and then to say goodbye.How I wish I could say to you personally that I fall for you, that you invaded my heart and my peaceful life. And I want to say sorry to if I fall in love with you, its really out of my control, I never thought that it would happen in me, that I feel this strange feeling. I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I meet you, that our world meets, for this is the time where I realized that being in love is somewhat a mixture of several feelings, where I never thought and expected that it would happen in me. How grateful I am that once in my life, I meet a person who make me fall in love because its rare. I will never regret the things that happen between you and me; I will treasure it and intend to keep it forever. a friend ask me a question, "Why do we fall for someone who really not for us, do we should blame ourselves because we fall or should we blame the one we fall for because they made us believe that they are the one? It made me stop and think. Do I have to blame myself or do I have to blame the one I fall for, the one who invaded my peaceful life? Well, my answer is, I can't blame the one who make me fall in love! Maybe the best answer is "Sometimes love is unfair , the more you sacrifice the more you're hurt, you think that you give your best but it seem its still not enough until such time you don't have a choice but to give up. Hope as time passes by I could forget you, that I can overcome this feeling of mine. The only consolation I have to myself is to accept the reality of life, that life likes that. That people come into our life to share a special moment, to make us happy and suddenly they're gone and leave us behind. People come and people go. Others just stay for a while without knowing that in their stay they become a part of someone life. Loving you was the hardest thing to do, for my entire life, this is the time where I was uncertain and unsure, insecurity is all around me.

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I've been thinking if what I did was wrong or right. How can I fight this feeling? My conscience tells me that I should have to stop this kind of relationship because it will ruin my life and it won't give me the real happiness.I've been raised by a family in a way that the want me to be. They send me to school to learned my education, cause the want me to grow up with full of knowledge and not to be ignorant. In school, teachers feed my mind with good deeds. I did the lesson of what my teachers taught me, but I learned it’s not that easy as I thought to be. I didn’t dream of becoming somebody. That’s me. I take life as its easy and go with what happen next. Maybe it's because I grow up in a place where there is no competence of what we call the technology of today, what the modern things brought into the world. When I was a child, life seems so simple. Never understand what really life means until I reach the age of adolescence. Life seems to be complicated then. Changes occur and it can hardly be avoided. I want things to stay the same, but I learned that the permanent things in this world are change. And that’s what I know in the law of thermodynamics too. There are changes always; you can't put them in a permanent place. Things I want to remain forever seen not to stay with me, as the say that you can't hold on to something. so as I began the journey of my life, I planned it as simple as I could for I want to live my life in a simplest way for I believe that simple life seems perfect and I won't hurry up for things. I wanted to have a family of my own, have children, and have a job to provide my family needs. That’s my greatest dream! BUT fate was so cruel, I meet someone. That’s when the time my life becomes ups and downs, I fall in love to a man who has own by someone else, but he shows love and he cared. I tried hard to ignore the feeling but how? I’ve been asking myself why this happens. Am I bad? He came into my life in a wrong time, I could never have him, but still I cling for him. Before I say that it’s better to endure the pain than to hurt anybody for I believe in KARMA, buts it’s not easy to do so. But I wish I could overcome this!

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How I wish I could turn back time where I never meet you, where I never known you, where I never have this strange feeling but maybe it was fate that brought you into my life just to say hello and then to say goodbye.To love you is the hardest thing that I ever did. Its been the first time where I really don't know why it happen, why I fall for you. Being friend of you is a choice but to fall in love with you is not my choice for I was working it not to fall. But I have to say thank you too because I have learned a lesson and I’m thankful because in the journey of my life I meet you whom you make me fall in love for its rare to happen.

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