Lamar Cole

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It was on a September morning.
My mother passed away.
God called her home.
He called her home to stay.

With every sunrise, I see her face.
In my heart, no one can take her place.

Christmas is coming.
It is so very near.
Bringing thoughts of my mother.
Whom I miss so dear.

So I'm sending a card to Heaven.
It floats upon my prayer.
One day in Heaven dear Mother.
We will all have Christmas there.

Love that soars above the clouds.
Love that knows no bounds.
Love that always brings a smile.
Love that never goes out of style.

Love that stays around for a while.
Love that brings a beautiful child.
Love that lasts for life.
Love that binds a husband and wife.
This is real love.


Dark clouds racing across the sky.
True love began to fly.
In a love nest so dry.

The sky has gone from blue to gray.
The sun tried to peek through.
But the only sunshine in the room today,
Was my darling you.

The day turned into a night so crisp and cold.
A million stars dotted the sky.
On my sweetheart and I they did spy.
While the moon seemed shy.


Ducks swimming in the pond.
I held a star in my arms.
That star darling was you.
On a summer night so new.

Frogs croaking,
Crickets chirping songs of love.
Heavenly body in my arms.
Slowly brewing summer storm.


When I'm with you darling,
I feel like an eagle that forever soars.
I feel like a lion with the loudest roar.
I feel like a King with a throne of gold.
I feel like a stallion that nevers grows old.

When I touch you,
I feel like the tallest fire.
I feel the passion that grows higher and higher.
The flame that never dies.
A tide of romance that always rise.


The moon danced with the stars.
The clouds tangoed with the sky.
My sweetheart and I love danced in the grass.
Passion was sweet and fast.

The wind waltzed with the night.
The mood was just right.
My heart swung with her soul.
Until early light.


God colored the sky blue.
God colored love true.
God colored the grass green.
Darling, God colored true love me and you.


It's twilight.
The sun escorts the moon to the night.
The sun sleeps, the wind howls.
My sweetheart smiles.

Autumn chill,
Sweetheart's warm feel,
Sultry looks,
Heart be still.


As long as I live, I will always be a fan.
Of the lovely, wonderful Barbra Streisand.

Voice so pure and enchanting when she sings.
You can hear romantic bells ring.
Whether singing high or low.
Her words always have a beautiful flow.

Soft melodies that could make a person cry.
Songs of emotion that could bring a tear to the eye.
Angel in disguise, lady of grace.
One of the best song stylists on this earth's face.


Bonfire burns.
Firelight flickering softly upon your skin.
Flames rising high.
Passion reaching the sky.

Lips touching,
Hands searching,
Hearts blend.
Sweet love wins.


My sweetheart and I cuddling in the field.
The cornstalks standing tall.
The magic of love everywhere.
Exciting like the county fair.

Breathing becomes shallow.
Heads become light.
The stars hugged the sky.
Through the night was heard.
A sweet sound of passion cry.


The wind felt cool upon my back.
Her eyes looked like shimmering pools of pearls.
The moon kissed the stars goodnight.
I held my sweetheart so very tight.

The sand felt good between my toes.
Her scent sweet as a rose.
The water looked so blue green.
Love by the sea so serene.


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