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Your scent lingers in my thoughts , causing me to break from reality and seek comfort in a corner of my mind
where only you hide. Your laugh , your eyes , your kiss pleasantly haunts my memories , causing you to be my
sweet distraction. That thing i think of when the world around me is unseemingly unkind , i know that in thinking
of you I'm reassured that life isn't all bad...that it's ok to smile..that it's ok to lose myself in y own thoughts to a
place where i i know we can be together and for at least that moment in time..all is good.

                                                                                                                        -My Sweet Distraction

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I realized it too late, that though recently we shared intimate moments, your love for me had faded into non-existence
But I was blinded by your persistence to not let me move on, not knowing all the while you had done so, and it was meant
for me to let go. I often tossed around the thought of your real feeling for me and i'd think " she never really did, but because
of the kid, your emotions grew. And as mine began to change and I wanted you , you had me where you wanted me , and decided
to be through. Because for you , it was never the feeling of "i'll love him to the end", but more so about "do i still have it, that ability
to make him give in". Everybody plays the fool sometimes, and well i did just that ,admitting my love to you ...only to get nothing back.

                                                                                                                                                                     -Love's Fool

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