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I was in love for so many times...I fell in and out of love nang hindi ko na lang namamalayan. I was hurt redunduntly...and wished that someday I won't be loving someone so much again to lessen the pain.

But love is not a thing that any one can control, that can just hold tight. Nararamdaman na lang ito, no matter how much it is being resisted. There is this someone who will just come...make you fall in love with him or you will just fall in love with him. No matter what the reasons are why you will fall in love with someone else, the thing is you will fall in love, you will never stop falling in love.

And while you keep falling in love there are some who will just keep falling out of love with you. When there is joy in falling in love, there is pain na kaakibat ng falling out of love. He cannot just say that "I just fall out of love with you". Again no matter what the reasons are why he will fall out of love with you, the thing is there is a chance that he will do. And he may hurt you in the process.

That is maybe one of the major reasons why some do not want to love anymore. Why like me, there were some who hated love for quite a time. Who would want to get hurt repeatedly?

But you know what? Sabi nga eh...the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing, and loving is part of living so continue on loving even if it hurts you sometimes.  Not wanting to love is not a guarantee of not getting hurt. What would you rather do? Love and get hurt, or try to resist love and also get hurt?

Well...if you'll ask me, I would rather love and get hurt than not to love at all.  How about you?


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