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THEWRITTENFACE is a young inspiring writer who started her voyage to using her freedom to write and express herself without any limits. As a young black woman, she realized the pain that her ancestors must have felt of being deprived from learning to read or write, with much initiative, in her spare time she enjoys to sit down and write as much as she can. Her brother, S. Currie, and other family members boosted her motivation to write poems and stories, by constantly asking for permission to read her work, Sarah Currie-Lewis had to overcome a great deal of writers block as she became overwhelmed as a college student, a girlfriend to her boyfriend, and within her enlistment in the military. Sarah also known as "Thewrittenface" for her ability to conceal the feelings she has tucked behind, yet no matter how deep she is in the pain, her mother was able to recognize most situations that Sarah tried to conceal. The song with the lyrics , "Its written all over your face", has become a representation and has attached to the meaning of who "Thewrittenface". She is a young woman whose thoughts cannot be purchased with a penny, rather she wants to contribute and donate her works to other young men and women, as Sarah writes the expressions that are "written all over her face" is reflected on the screens of computers and laptops worldwide, as she hopes to expand her work on the shelves of book stores near you. (This blog site is linked into the works of the author and poet Sarah L. Currie-Lewis also known as TheWrittenFace (TWF)
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When man tried to break my heart, there was somebody there to restore me, as I was confused and sold my love, there was someone that bought my life when I was willing to become a slave to his word. There were times when love from man hurt and I inflicted the pain on myself over and over again, then I found the love that Jesus gave and I was able to please him, I now beg for this love, on my hands and knees I pray for forgiveness for the days I traveled lingering in lust for a man, the lust and pleasure my body never truly desired, sin filled my ways and my path was unrighteous, but the Lord swept me off my feet and removed the dust off the soles of feet from the roads that I traveled because I closed the distance between Jesus and I, it opened my heart to see its worth and its value. I used to put a price tag on my heart, yet gave it away in charity, the men whose talk was cheap, and love was expensive, I paid their dues, and ended up with a story that is worth a fortune. To the millions of women that search to find the love of their life, I found him in Jesus, when you weep at night because a man that makes you sorrow, bow your head, and realize their is a God that loves you and always have been there, stop waiting for that man to return tomorrow. Remember yesterday when he screamed those hurtful words, Jesus witnessed that, he was in your presence seeking your love as you were in rage filled with hate because the time you wasted, he has more to offer, us women just have to take it.

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The sweet chocolate roses in an apology for the salty tears stormed down my face, I look at you in your eye and hear the "Sorry" that you speak, yet I still taste the bitter even after I swallow the sweet. The excuses that were made up by the words that you don't deserve the credit, Where did you buy your lies? And why would you sell it? I cannot purchase the untrue reasons why I should forgive a man that gets on two knees and begs me to forget the long nights I was in his same position asking God why. I haven't heard the answer that is why I haven't replied. The aroma that smells like fresh baked cookies in the oven, yet the platter over cookies have already been devoured, is the same feeling when I look at you, I am expecting to consume myself with love that has already channeled through its phase, I have already fallen, yet stand wondering what is next. The script has been read, scenes have been deleted with forgiveness and repent, it's time I edit my life, please stop rehearsing what has already been recorded, in the pages of my diary, my conclusion has already been worded. My taste buds are tired of eating a bland meal so I starve like the empty stomach, because an empty heart can kill.

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