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The functionality is obvious.. the design is functional. Skiing clothes are meant to be functional so buttons, for example, are obvious and the colors aim to correlate with the weather spyder ski wear. This can be a stylistic rule: Aim to correlate with the air and atmosphere around you. This is not just 'nature'. It is the atmosphere.. The cold as with skiing. In other words, what the 'ski' look teaches is to aim to be functional.


Look at ski clothes! The whole look is there! What is meant by the 'whole look'? There are accessories, clothing and coverings for all the body. In skiing, it is the whole body that is important from the crown of the head to the throat to the waist and then to the sole of the foot. Yes the whole body is important. The aim is functional but it is to cover and clothe the body for a function, which is to ski.


Yes the body is what is important and the ski pants or look is an example of how a certain style is made, which is the 'ski' style. Look at ski clothes! There is the hat. There are the glasses, then the jacket sometimes with a hood, sometimes without. There are the trousers or the salopettes, whatever is preferred. And finally the boots. And you create the ski look with all these elements. How do you create the 'ski' look. Answer: with all these elements or a selection of them.


How do you create a look? How do you create any look? What can you learn from the 'ski' look? The 'ski' look is a stylised functional look. Your aim is to ski and you create the look. Or the aim is to protect you against the weather, or to cover/clothe yourself in the cold air. This is the function and in this way the 'ski' look is a functional look. And clothes are functional as well as decorative. We see this from the 'ski' look.


Stylists can work then in this way. They can think of clothes and accessories as functional and not just decorative. We can style in this way.. We can then learn from spyder jacket. Yes the nature of skiing clothes can help you in styling yourself. The 'ski' look in particular can aid you in creating other functional looks.


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