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As with the headshot industry, what one wears to an audition is another changing landscape an actor strolls upon and should be a question revisited frequently. But, for our purposes today we'll focus on what's appropriate now. I received a few calls this week for on-camera, commercial auditions. The character description - as per usual - was vague, vague, vague. What's more, the dress for said characters was noted as "casual". Oh, vague-ty! How I hate thee!! So, of course, being a bit of a fashion victim, a few of the many questions that popped into my head were these:

- Casual as in what I wear to hang around my house?
- Casual as in, what I'd wear on a third date - whatever that means?
- Casual as in what I might wear to casual-day at work if I worked in a corporate environment?
- Casual as in the Gap or J Crew?
- Casual as in boring?

Sheesh! But, its really VERY simple. Casual-wear for commercial auditions sake is an outfit that you'd wear if you wanted to look nice, but wanted to be comfortable. For example, I wore a nice top which was light on the print and a lovely blue (remember that a good color can take you from drab/bleh to "hello there!") and a good pair of jeans and cute shoes. Something I'd wear on a normal day. The most important thing at an audition is to look your best. The last thing you want to do is show up like you just got back from a long trip around Asia in a pair of khaki shorts and a tshirt with your baseball cap and sneakers on (I've see this before!).

I'd only wear something like that if it was in the specific character description, but even so, if you're asked to dress like that, wash your hair at least! AND, alert(!!) don't go to the other absurd side of the scale and dress like you're in a wedding. Overall, commercial Casting Directors prefer it if you're simple. I once saw a girl at a commercial audition dressed in a pajama one-sy carrying a giant stuffed toy. Needless to say the CD almost spontaneously combusted. But it was kinda funny.. Post Scripts: For the ladies, a little make-up never hurt anyone. Especially for those on-camera auditions. Now I'm not talking about caking it on, but take a note out of Nixon's book who apparently put up a fuss about wearing a little base before going on camera to debate with JFK.

His sweaty, pallid look may have cost him the US vote which was in his favor whilst he was debating via radio broadcast. But after that first TV rumble the vote suddenly swung pro-JFK (who did wear makeup). Of course there was WAY more to that election, but you get my point. For the guys, grooming is the key. Don't think that just 'cos you're a guy that it doesn't matter how you look. If you're going in for a job like Wendy's or something all-american, be prepared to shave off that 9 o'clock stubble and loose that trendy bracelet unless you want to pigeon-hole yourself as a dirty-hipster as a friend was branded by a producer when he came into a job unshaven.

Needless to say he was fired! If he'd shaved and combed his hair (or at LEAST gone in as he'd looked at the audition) he'd have been fine. I'm not saying that you should fight against your type and mold yourself into what you think the Casting Director/Producer wants you to be, but do use a little common sense. You can always ask your agent before going in if you think you should tidy-up for a given audition. I'm all for standing out and embracing your "type" but it does come at a bit of a cost. And guys, don't worry about makeup unless you've got a big zit on your nose or something. In which case I'd recommend a little cover-up so the producers don't barf.

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5. if you are not fashion enough, links londonyou can ask the help of stylist

Some people considered that, tiffany jewellery if you can be the most beautiful one the red carpet , then it can be equal to Oscar-winning actress, from this point, we can see walking on the red carpet is a great school of learning. But whether you have known yourself well and perfectly show your own equipment and become the focal point on the red carpet,which is not a necessary condition of attending the Oscars ceremony. Some actress of themselves are not pioneer fashion, but they can still shine on the red carpet, The reason is that they can hire up a group of stylish people , so they can avoid themselves doing embarrassing stories in their dress. tiffany and co

Wolailuosi said: “It’s strange that some actress sometimes does not know the dress’ way . For such stars, they will turn over the project to their stylists and designers. Sometimes, I really hope to do some crazy things, like let Lao Lafu wearing a ballet skirt for appearance, this kind of thing must be very interesting. ”

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The latest ahigh person Reflection diamond series, let you show yourself. Beauty more shining, winding stripe, embedded in the burnish like a mirror on the white gold, diamond light and white gold are mutual reflect, diamond more beautiful.  links london
Each day, you can see reflections of his standing in the home, regardless of the mirror, or after the window when… But these images can reflect the real you?
tiffany jewellery

Besides shiny appearance, the person of ahigh Reflection diamond series of modernistic design also is deep heart of urban women, tie-in and spell able, and clothing is absolutely please oneself choice.

The luxury Cartier kadeya is the emperor of luxury goods, we are also jeweler, can have the opportunity to have? The answer is Yes, kadeya latest series, refined and elegant art laiton of luxury but unexpected have entry-level price, the first thing we believe they can be the best choice of luxury.

By 2010, February 14 is the lunar New Year in the lunar year, annual testimony to love should be different, so for your lover brings a Ta Cartier kadeya’s Les art. tiffany and co 
The two hugged each other fell in LOVE rings represent two men, a representative of the white K gold ring and a representative of the gold ring women rose K, as its name in the same LOVE ME. It can satisfy people’s masterpiece, the price is big kadeya so approachable.

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Transfering 300,000 Chinese New Year gifts

These two days, a lot of net friends in the forum, evening dresses complaining about over spending New Year, having spending a full-year savings, and how this can be said of spending the New Year,it is simply the “Spring robbery.” However, in the afternoon of February 21, a girl named “Lie Lie” (a pseudonym) in Zhengzhou, posting on a forum ,so made a big vision, she wants to transfer her boyfriend’s New Year’s gifts, dresses sale the market value is of 30 million, which including: 20 boxes of Flying Maotai (6 bottles per case), 43 Box Gift Box Su smoke, a supermarket coupons (cards) 15 million yuan worth of Estee Lauder cosmetics. Some net friends said with a tinge of emotion or regret, this is just the festive Well, like “Autumn Harvest.” links of london 

Gift Transfer posts led to the wonderment

As Posts issued, causing the net friends marvel, the posts replied are up to 10 pages. Some people think that is a speculation, suspect the authenticity of receiving gifts can be 20 boxes Maotai, “Lie Lie” reply to this post, said: “if I Had not see with my own eyes, I would not believe that, my boyfriend’s home have a dedicated warehouse to put gift.” Previously she laments: “I’m just an ordinary family’s child, but since falling in love with him after: born are mortal, why there are two different worlds?”

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Chinese music singer Jay Chou’s most appealing fashion is making the fashion clothes’ mix match to use in the song of the classic hip-hop lyrics with unclear articulation, both conquering the worshiper of foreign things in the New Youth, but also doubling the favor from the old pedant.  tiffany

However, in real life, we can see that Jay if not Hip-hop, then will wear the wave of brand style, tight little Dior Homme suit, the Chinese wind simply did the do not touch him, but on stage he act in a way to wear shirts embroidered and dancing, the effect can be imagined. Evening dresses

China Wind, this tradition but profound cultural background clothing, the temperament and sense of identity is required before they can wear openly, and people like Jay can only on the stage to create Chinese-style atmosphere, in order to really put on well, first should return home to Read a few times of “three hundred tang peoms” prom dresses

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