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I am 19 and still trying to figure everything out i have been through so much and feel there is much much more to come and i will be ready for it and get through it as long as i keep my head up and just keep smiling
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Ok so what do i do we met while i was out for my 19 birthday and flirted and i thought it would end there... but it didn't.
I thought you were jerking my chain and it was because of the booz... but it wasn't.
Then i thought ok so he is just holding me on the side trying to get some because his girl is tripping... but now im starting to wonder
We hung out last night and i got to know you... you went from being some quiet guy with way too much on his mind to calm cool relaxed and i saw the real mike... now i have trust issues and i have told you this but it doesn't bother you... why?
i want to trust you so bad... but its so hard and painful. you see when i start trusting someone it goes bad and i get hurt and it gets harder and harder to recover... do you understand? you cross my mind more than i want to admit... its only been what two weeks? I want to give my everything to you and brush all my past off but its so hard. I want to give you all of me... but im fighting with myself. I have never been in this type if situation its always been too easy and i think thats why it never lasted. but you i am scared it will last but will i be good enough???... in 6 months will you still stare at me as you do now? will you still smile as much as you do now?... is this even real or am i just crazy why must this be so hard i want to love you like the movies but will it end as perfect and romantic as them??? I guess i will have to hang around and wait to find out

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