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Sexual Intimacy is what we share. I know we have others, but still we lay under covers, consoling one another.......and as I'm grabbing that ass and you stroking my dick, it's pleasures like this that make a beautiful bliss. No room for real love, but sex chronicles, I adore. Your place, My not disturb signs hanging from hotel doors. What once was a quiet room...shitt ain't no quiet room no more. You hear my roar & your falsettos echo, hitting the drums of my ears, I go deeper. More Eager to make you climax, but patient to make it last. You thrust harder, gripping, eyes closed as you free your mind of the days stress; drifting away in pleasure rarely felt before. In the candle light your body lays, beads of sweat conveying every inch of your figure. Sheets down at our ankles, we cool off as a cool breeze from the window brings chills to our skin. No words are exchanged, I light the bob, and an essence of Zion fills the room. Together we elevate.....And when we're done, i blow the candles out, feeling and searching for your body. I'm home, as you open your legs, grabbing my hands and in darkness guiding them down the caramel brick road to where pleasure begins. And again we give it our all, not letting go. For tonight will be the past and tomorrow is the unknown. Hearts racing at a pace in fear of these moments ceased. Secret lovers we are.


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