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All players are see Solo leveling(2moons gold) hard up to a point. After so long though, you have enough aoes (especially with the right build) and a good enough summon to make it a lot easier on yourself. It's probably hardest from 48ish to 52. Exp req jumps and you dont have an aoe.

If you want to make solo grinding isn't hard for your character, dmg build or heal build can do fine if they play the build, we were able to solo the back of aqua fairly easily at level(2moons powerleveling) 115 with out amazing gear and  +4 staff.

After we have reskilled a +7 tb and 4-6 armors in 2Moons, we can solo parts of AR and space fairly easily at 13x. If you happen to have resistance sets, fast kills and u take almost no dmg when ruins is incredibly easy.

Summoners are better for pve, but in high level maps mages take the cake because the can pwn everything so fast, not to mention they have pretty good defense for being a DD.

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We know that the best form of tanking is when you KB the mobs constantly so they don't even hit you. A mage can three skill any mob she needs to train on up through Aquarius. And even in the 130 map, no other class can solo more efficiently than a mage. We have huge 2moons gold in our stock now.

Mages can get alot of dmg and their aoes are pve suitable. We can allmost kill evrey mob with 3 skills while casting thos 3 skills. We dont get hit and once thos 3 skills is over we just use random aoe to finish the mobs off leaving us getting hit 3 times in 2Moons.

Andl you can get 2.8k deff so when you get hit is just 50-600 depend on where you farm 50. Aqua, maze and ghosts 600=top left of space where broken slats drop. All mages Ieve been are heal build. By the way do to lack of level(s) to train, but higher levels(2moons powerleveling) there awsome.

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We always keep eye on what stat requirements for weapons(2moons dil) at your level and ones above. Such as you are remember what stats you need then it is not important for your character. All hunter weapons require dexterity so that stat will be fine with this build, as for strength, just make sure your high enough.

It wont matter what stat you throw off for the needed strength. You can take a point off dexterity and add to strength or take one off health, up to you. We would say crossbow is best for PvP when it comes to hitting with skills in 2Moons.


We always have a bow in main hand and a crossbow is second hand and use tab key to switch back and forth if your about to win or you need the knockback to let a skill finish its cooldown switch to your bow. You will love our 2moons powerleveling service once you have used.

so it is best to use both a bow and a xbow and switch betwwen them depending on the situation. And are the skills for the only crossbow any good since it didnt look like you mention them at all. It is best to stick with the bow only skills instead of xbow.

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As we know, Required level 60+, Location : Crespo (79:476), Time limit : 45 min, Dungeon cost : 300,000 dil(2moons gold). Treasure of Crespo is famous in 2Moons.(ungeon is classified as A, B, and C. they can be done which same strategy but the monsters you face get stronger in order of C, B, and A.)

Just go pull the levers(2moons powerleveling) then the monsters will be poped out and the steel gate is opened. Steel gates are only opend by the levers, but the wooden gates are destroyable. As you go along the long path, you will find a corpse. Click it then the steel gate will be opened for ya.

Destroy a coffin in the room then it will summons 40 zombies. There are total 4 of chests that give decent amount of DIL.There are 2 identical rooms that have a chest and a coffin. As you know, the chest will give DIL and the coffin will produce 40 zombies each for ya. You need to kill total 80 zombies in order to break the steel gates ahead.The last part of the NO1 is to pull the lever at the very end of the path.

Once you have enter the #2 section in 2Moons, zombies will WELCOME you. Kill all the kind zombies and destroy the 3 coffins in order of Algol, Alderamin, and Sorcerer in order to minismize the dmg intake from the sorcerer which does magic dmg. But it's not really important of killing in order.

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We all know that hunters are beast at low levels(2moons gold) because it can get mine to 50 in less than half a day of starting it. But summoners are fun to level also at low levels with more lure and some aoes. Once you get higher it really depends on how well you can get pts since grinding is a pain.

Don't try to rush your levels, with the new xp curve and quest rewards in 2Moons, level 1-90 goes by so fast! But after that everything sucks. Depending on your playing style, different classes are faster for different reasons. In early levels, mages have the most AoE skills so can mob faster, they also get DF parties pretty easy, so can level fairly fast.

Summys can use their pet to lure extra mobs, so can complete Commission Quests faster (if you have to solo), hence faster leveling(2moons powerleveling), but may struggle to get DF parties. Hunters on dagger or heal build can solo pretty much everything with ease, including the level60 dg in Crespo, so can level fast.

Segs are very tough until getting Curse Field (around level 60 i think), but will get parties easily due to healing skills. Bagi's are notoriously hard to level due to their low level skills, although we are not very experienced with this class. Also AKs and Alokens are new to us, so cant give much advice there.

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Bagis which considered the best for their easy to play all you do is buff and spam kb skills. Aks are well balanced for pvp and pve and you need some strategy to play with them. We prefer Ak way more enjoyable to play pve. And Bagis will earn 2moons gold easy when you start.

Mages are best for they are unstoppable, with skills hacks of coarse, without Mages, they are level(2moons powerleveling) TOO SLOW, but with skill hacks, no stopping, PERIOD!! ANd KAK, It doesn't matter if they wear res anyway, mages got skills that no player has much defense against, i.e. Aqua circle, energy hammer, uzer gain, etc. So even if they have 75% all res, doesn't matter.

Best way to beat a skill or shield hacker mage in 2Moons? A skill orshield hacker summy, use poison and if you do it fast enough, you can kill her before she can pot. Also Aqua circle, energy hammer, uzer gain is non elemental attacks so yes element res gear is useless, but the they are weak against good def. Since they are physical magic attack.

As the new actions comes other classes with become stronger, but we believe in the end bagis will always have the best advantages when it comes to pvp. We like summies the most, they can pwn if you know how to use them right. Infact you can kill bagis over half the time if you know how to use their kbs against them.

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Build Guide for 2Moons Bagi

  • Date:03-04-2010
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  • Author: by dressednice
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resistance armors: All 5 would be best but not necassary before going to abyss(Level115+). We would suggest getting them all. Some monsters may deal dual damage types so people that say oh it doesn't matter what level(2moons dil) armor it is.

It does matter if your supposed to be the tank and the monster is doing physical and magical damage of a type(light,ice,etc) in 2Moons. A quick list for you: DF resistances Fire,Curse,Poison. Abyss resistances. All(depends on spawn order given). Crevice A,B,C - Fire, Light, Poision, Curse.

120+ tips: 75% resistance method at higher levels(2moons powerleveling): 1 necklace, 1 helmet or armor with 4*9% resist gems, strengthened dark eye, +4 or above pants. The above metioned method allows you to max 2 resistance at one time.

You can do 3 resistances almost fully maxed(75%=max) by wearing helmet 4*9% resist 1st type, armor 4*9% resist 2nd type, necklaces*3 of 3rd type, strengthened dark eye, +4 or higher pants, Level 5 Resistance buff skill(Maxed) good for inside the gate room in deadfront.

Max your AOEs. Max masteries. Learn your skills, you won't need to use temperance to the limit(stupid knock-back suppression), if your tanked up correctly with the right gears equipped for the situation you are in, you will be able to outlast your party and if you have temperance to the limit on you will notice you take much more damage than you would without it.

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Dear players, glad to see you in our site. I have collect this guide from other website, it is mainly describes 2Moons, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

You will start to notice that you lose confidence in PvPs because of summoner's awful rate of losing it. After using required stats, put EVERYTHING in Heal, do NOT put any in dex, dex sucks. If you think heal build is too boring, put a little strenght in early levels like in Heinharp levels.

We recommend the Tarantula because it is pretty strong and does some decent damage.Go with libido at first till levels 60s because they have nice defense so that they live longer and also they have nice attack speed and effect.

Level 1-7 stay in the castle catching little bugs and the alligator looking things. Level(2moons gold) 8-15 stay in north morte/ares. Level 15- 24 Stay in denebe.Level 25-34 I highly recommend on Heinharp, it is the easiest place and the most efficient. From levles 25-28 or so, I recommend going on parties or getting plvled. Plvl is pretty easy there, what you do is, see if a higher level dude is around, by that I mean like levels 60+. Tell them to invite you to party, if so, follow them and they do the killing and the rest.

34-45 Go to Nunvice: It is EXTREMELY high exp. It is located in requires beach.You get there by going to denebe and look the map. 45-55 Go to Norak/Castor 2nd floor. It is the most boring stage of the game. You will have to walk a lot till level 50, when you get to 50 you can transport there.

55-60 Go to Crespo: Awesome EXP and fun contrary to the boring caves you faced for a couple of levels earlier.From Level 60, you will pretty much get the game. Train in the Instant dungeon in Crespo in parties. It's hard for summoners to get a party there because they like to exclude us. Don't worry! Either get a friend or guild to go with and you'll be fine. But remember it costs 300k to enter. Be ready to do the best.

If you are asking for either staff or twin sword, we would suggest the twin because later on, sword cosmos are stronger than staff and also you have a higher change of winning pvps and PKs.If you want to be staff though, it is not bad either. Just watch you health because since staff eats a lot of Spirit into the stats, your health might be low.

Thanks for reading. By the way our 2moons powerleveling service is best choice if you dont have enough time to level up your character. Have a nice day!


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Dear friends, nice to see you, thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you! And we have collected the 2moons information on the other site.

At around level(2moons gold) 60, hunters hit a sort of wall. Your massive AOE’s and their high damage no longer guarantee you victory in PVP or PK. Other classes are getting better skills, better gear, and higher defense and HP. Your AOE’s are not getting much stronger. Rolling Attack and Silent Killer are maxed.

Deadspin is the only dagger AOE that is still levelling. All the advantages you enjoyed from 32-60 are starting to fall by the wayside. By the time you hit 65, other classes will be competing in PVP and PK. You should still be winning most of your fights, but it will be much more difficult. Enemies won’t die quite so quickly and they start hitting you more often and much harder.

By about 70, you will probably be wondering what are you doing wrong because you can’t win most of your pvp fights anymore. Stick at it, once you reach level(2moons powerleveling) 74 you get really competitive again. At level 82, you will regain your status as the undisputed queen of PvP until 90 when Bagis get really good.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my half legged guide to the 2moons. It will likely go through a lot of changes in the future. You can still pay attention on it from our site.

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