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iiM kAtHlEen N tHiS tHAnG MiSsEd UP...iM rEaLlY 7_tEeN....i lOvE tO PaRtY Im LoUD,WiiLD,NoT sHy,,,n PrOuD Of WhO i aM.. WeLL iM oN hErE tO jUs TaLk cUs i kEeP gETtInG hErT wIT EvEry GuY iM WiT..WeeLL WrItE Mi
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where were yu rudy?
where were yu wen i need yu?
yu promised me yu wouldnt leve me n your lil gurl
but wen she was entering the real world yu
said i cant do this n looked at me n her
n said i love yu both truly
n walked to that very door and took her hand stoped n left
n till this day yu cant come by yu did me wrng n you
daughter y..i never did figure that out';;;
still woundering...

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you were always there for me,always by my side
i guess i didnt see with out yu i jus cant abide
those tyms i loved the most
were just taling to yu
who would of known,now im alone
and all i kan do is think of yu
i loved it wen yu haled me
safe n warm n said i love yu
but wen i missed up i really dont now y
with yu i broke up n now im sorry
all i want is a 2nd
chance i understand thats not easy
to do
even if yu dont give me a chance
i want yu to now
i'll always LOVE YU!!!!

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im not sure if yu or not,but i really do love yua lot,yu still hold a special part in my heart,and yu did rite from the start,but wen she came along n took your breath away,i was devestated and didnt now wat to say,i spent my nites crying tym after tym,i spent my days lieing saying i was fine,little did yu notice my heart was crushed and on dat day lil of my lyf eas gone,but with her yu looked so in love,cause your an angel from above.I NOW HAVE TO TEACH MY HEART TO MOVE ON FOR YU ARE NOW 4EVA GONE ..BUT ONE THANG IM UNSURE OF,WHY IT CANT BE ME N NOT HER

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