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im 16 and i aspire to be a poet more than anything so check my poems out:)
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I wish to have this secret "rendez-vous,
With only a woman as lovely as you.
It would be lustrous and magical,
With a possible chance to fall,
in love.
This little meeting has divinity from above,
The God's look upon with bitter envy,
Enraged so, with jealousy, going crazy.
They wish to smite us with a great bolt,
a ferocious, everlasting jolt.
Yet, they can't do this,
On account of interfering with true bliss.
The one thing they can't change,
is the power of true love's range.
We are stronger than any benevolent force,
as long as we're together of course.
This meeting could take us to paradise,
far, far away from any demise.
A place with only you and me,
where beautiful gardens, of roses, will be.
Staring into each others eyes,
With thoughts of loving until we die.
Never a thought of not belonging,
the entire time, my heart is ringing.
We will be standing in the brink of night,
the sky stuck between day and twilight.
Birds are singing from within the trees,
hidden inside from the mellow breeze.
A place without a sign or street,
my heart feels like it ceases to beat.
I get this way only with you,
I hope my "meeting" wish will come true.

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I don't need anything in this entire world,
But the love of such a graceful girl.
I'd give up every stack of money,
Just to hear you call me honey.

When I close my eyes, your all i see,
This is such a crazy, unfamiliar feeling to me.
I feel like I have a shot in the dark,
At making a relationship with you spark.

I'd give up my life to keep you in good health,
You are worth more than any amount of wealth.
When I am without you I am a mess,
Something about you can cheer me up unlike the rest.

In this life I'm stuck with an unforgiving curse,
It is my empathy that is always fully emmerse.
I care to much for others,
While no one else seems to bother.

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Of all the things to lose in,
There is one simple game I cannot win.
It isn't played on a field of dirt,
But rather, a place where you can get hurt.

This game is beautiful and excellent,
If you win, then i guess it's time well spent.
But if you lose this wretched game,
I promise, you will never be the same.

Just look at me, the way I walk,
The way I act, live, and talk.
You can easily tell I am no winner,
But I am certainly not a beginner.

I've played this game once or twice,
Hoping the whole time to better my life.
Everytime I lose this game,
I hang my head in sorrow and shame.

My future may seem like a dark gloom,
But you aren't forced to suffer the same doom.
I feel like I've been bested,
By an angel thats been ressurected.

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I feel like I'm dead inside,
Something that get worse and worse,
It's even harder to hide,
My only hope is that I'm not the first.

I have a lot of trouble writing this,
Continuously reminded of the chances i missed.
I've always been told ignorance is bliss,
yet, I don't have the control to resist.

My mind is torn in two everyday,
Wondering what exactly you would say,
If i told you how i really feel,
These are words that hurt to conceal.

My heart is even more torn,
It feels dead, as if I should mourn.
I long to connect with your spirit,
Not being able to strikes me, like a fierce hit.


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Yesterday i just sat around,
Thinking about the prettiest girl in town.
Just the thought of her brings a smile to my face,
One that cheers me up inside, sometimes for days.

This girl knows who she is, I gave her a bear,
I did this to show her how much i really care.
Everything about you is perfect and surreal,
If only she knew the way i feel.

Ever since i met her I've had this strange feeling,
Inside my chest trying to burst out to the ceiling.
I've never felt this way about anyone ever,
An emotion so powerful it will last forever.

When i am around her i feel like I'm floating on a cloud,
A sensation so great I wish to shout out loud.
It pains me inside to not be with you,
From my hear to yours this is the truth.



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Your the only person i cant live without,
I wish i could be with you no doubt.
I stop and gaze from a distance,
Because your beauty is sheer magnificence.

I wonder if we'll ever be together,
Right after this thought, I surely think never.
Everyday i look forward to seeing you,
To this extent you have no clue.

Your smile always brightens the entire room,
To me, it's more beautiful than a blue moon.
Your eyes are a majestic brown,
So very beautiful, they seldom get a frown.

Your personality is nothing but divine,
My solemn wish is that you'd get to know mine.
Writing all this down makes my heart rush,
This is why your my everlonging crush.

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Since happiness departed from me at a young age,
My crescent blue eyes grew with depression and rage.
Finally my emotions got the best of me,
The only one i wished to keep was my solemn serenity.

It was only when i saw you that i felt glee,
It made me think of the uncertain possibility..
                  of you and me.

Each day you pass me with many smiles,
If only you knew the beat at which my heart dialed.
Happiness closely coincides with love,
A gift that can be given from below or above.

Love can be unsteadily painful at times,
Which is the entire reason for these rhymes.

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