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i am simple,
I love nature.I love everything around me.Everything that Gods made.I believe that life is full of challenge like love moves in a mysterious ways.
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       When Im alone , I'm always thinking of you
        You're always in my mind
        I always seen you in my dreams
        All I want is to be with you my love
        Oh my love, I miss you so much
        How I wish your here by my side 
        I want to be in your arms again
        holding me tightly with love and care      
       When I don't see you my heart is aching
        I want to  to be with you again
        My heart wont stop beating for you
        if you will hear what its saying
        I love you till the end
        Oh my love I miss you so much
         How I wish you're here by my side
         and promise  to love me
         whatever comes to our way
         Please come back , my darling
         Im waiting for you  forever
         I love you , Cupcake 

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 Since I met you Cupcake

my life has change

Im not expecting it to happen

my life is so different now

Your giving everything to me

that I don't know how to return

You make me a different woman now

A woman who know how to love and care

Before I will just laugh when somebody tells me

they love  me,  I just said ,What is love????

Now I know what it is, wonderful and nice

Everybody tells me why I chosen you

I didn't listen to anyone , I listened to my

heart which telling me its  you beating for

You give me your patience and understanding

The fruits of all your sacrifices  for me

is my endless love I give to you now

I thank you my love for changing my

stone heart to a marsmallow one for you

I love you my cupcake

By: Lita Buxton


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Since I met you baby my whole life has changed
Since I met you baby my whole life has changed
And everybody tells me that I am not the same

I don't need nobody to tell my troubles to
I don't need nobody to tell my troubles to
Cause since I met you baby all I need is you

Interlude - Instrumental

Since I met you baby I'm a happy man
Since I met you baby I'm a happy man
I'm gonna try to please you in every way I can

, ,

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I cross my heart

Our love is unconditional
We knew it from the start
I can see it in your eyes
You can feel it from my heart>from here on after
Lets stay the way we are right now
And share all the love and laughter
That a lifetime will allow

I cross my heart
And promise to
Give all Ive got to give
To make all your dreams come true
In all the world
Youll never find
A love as true as mine

You will always be the miracle
That makes my life complete
And as long as theres still breath in me
Ill make yours just as sweet
As we look into the future
Its as far as we can see
So lets make each tomorrow
Be the best that it can be


And if along the way we find a day
It starts to storm
Youve got the promise of my love
To keep you warm

, ,

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Last night your holding me in your arms
speaking softly and touch me with full of love
You whispering to my ears your endless devotion
You kiss me slowly and pulling me closer to you
I responded your kiss with burning passion
I answered you , my love is only for you.

I forget everything around me,
All I see is only your eyes looking at me
you promise me your undying love
I promise you my endless and true love
Arms in arms we become one
I fell asleep in your chest and your arms around me
sleeping in deep slumber in peaceful night

I open my eyes , this morning and sunlight
coming to my window pane, I look the pillow beside me
just to see it was empty, and face the reality thats it;s
only a wonderful dream My dearest one.
I'm all alone by myself waiting for you to come back
to my loving arms. I love you Babe

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