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I am whatever you make of me, however you make me.
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I'm not falling over your old mistakes

I'm living them and making them my own

His eyes

They see everything I am

Everything you couldnt be

My eyes

Faded to leave

Just like you

But I laugh and breathe

He'll tell me come on home

Into the arms of this stranger

You'll love the infinate danger

So ma

Come on home

See yourself

In a strangers arms

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Hey little bear this is for you

For I befriended you and made you love me

Love me Love me Love me

Hey little bear

Show me a big smile

You know the smile smile

Like when you nibble my nipples

Oh little bear little bear

You could never bear little

You come and come as you please

Little bear

Your bath water is overflowing.


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Good Love

It's only something you pass by in a dream

But even my dreams don't recall good love

Because good love only recalls me

My good love went away today

For how long I couldn't tell

Even though the good love wasn't good enough

It didn't need to wind up in jail


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Tomorrow I’ll come straight in from work

And I’ll clench my teeth and wash off the dirt

And you’ll greet me with your new ringtone

Then I’ll ask you to take me to a cheap show


Tomorrow you’ll come straight home from work

And you’ll see me there with just a skirt on

And I’ll greet you with a fresh cup of tea

And then you’ll say “you’re the right girl for me yea”


Then we’ll move our bodies fake

And take a walk across the lake

And cheer on the crowds who cheer the baseball teams

Then we’d make love all night

Cause we got our bodes right

And you’ll finally teach me how to fully scream


Don’t you remember?

Rah did ah did ah did ah did ah

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When I was down

I staid down

To get back up I would be

A sinner

Found myself asking your name

Forever in my head it staid

And I said Jake please stay awhile

And I said Jake please make me smile

And I said Jake I’m fallen and I’ll

Say Jake I need you now

I’ve never felt so selfish

And needy

But your heart is my heart


And I have a need to be something

To someone, somewhere

We both got two hands

Along with two feet

And they bring us to each other immediately

And I touch you

And you feel me

And I’ll start to say words

And you’ll agree

Then I’ll hang my head

Oh I’ll hang my head

To hold in the laughter

That’s coming right after

Oh I’ll hang my head

And you’ll lift my chin

And that’s when I said

And that’s when I said

Jake I need you now

So wont you please stay awhile

Don’t you know you make me smile


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Sailor lost at sea
Try and find your way
But not back to me
Lift those anchors high
And float
On by on by
Sailor lost at Sea
Don’t come back to me
Oh sailor
Will you lift those sails on high
Oh sailor
Tip your hat as I swim on by
Oh sailor
Don’t you come lookin for me
Oh sailor
I hope you die at sea
Cause I move like a wave
And I move far away


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Look at the mess I am.
My skin is warm but my heart is cold, all because my blood does not pump through my own veins.
I dress myself to any mans taste, and I hear the other women judging my customs.
I make my face a work of art because I know it cannot be touched.
I hear the narrator opening my act, and I abandon all hope as enter the stage.
The narrator then turns on my song and I perform my well-rehearsed act.
Moving my hips and my lips, I make my character real.
I look in the eyes of these strangers every night, some patrons some saints.
Tonight my eyes connected and locked on him. He was a patron.
He would always visit the other girls’ acts on Monday and Wednesday.
Today is Friday and his attention is on me.
I heard he was loaded. I heard he had high standards. I heard he was young and gorgeous.
I’m nervous but fiendish, so I slowly dance my way towards him till I’m almost lusting on top off him.
He smiles at me as he leans forward to watch my every imperfection.
He slowly reached in his pocket and got his tokens of appreciation ready.
My nerve turned into infatuation as his little green love notes covered my curves and my performance area.
His eyes ate me up as I began shedding my first layer of skin.
I’m so cold and exposed, but that’s what I want him to think.
Maybe so he would want to hold me and make me his.
My act was almost done and his eyes were dilated, and that arouses me.
So I crawl towards him intensely and this makes him push everything in front of him away.
My act is coming to an end and my face was right in front of his.
Breathless, weightless, and faceless I made his lips touch my own.
His lips made my collapsed veins push x amounts of blood through the tiny rivers in my corpse.
I’ve never been so alive, I’ve never noticed how departed I was. I was in the wrong though.
Finally noticing my error, I grabbed my flowers and pardons and ran to the dressing room.
I’m in love with a fucking tipper.
I’m a fucking mess.
I’m a fucking stripper.

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