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Don't know what the future will bring don't know anything don't have a clue of anything new don't know who i'll be or what i'll see all i know is i wont be doing this i won't be here or there i'll travel the world,go everywhere find the girl i've been looking for and we'll glide and soar with hapiness to show for we won't be like anyone else we'll be unique and true, to eachother and you we'll be together year after year forever and ever But before this i'm moving away cuz its true what they say about this town and it's way it's nice but not for me or thats what i see i dont plan to be famous one day i just want to be happy and be able to say "i love my life,my wife,and kids" but right now thats not how it is i don't plan to stay here when im 18, that year,im moving away from here wont waste another year ill have my shit together and move farther then ever from the bitches and hoes tramps and hobos i dont know what ill do or where ill move to but ive got a good idea of where im going to be and what ill see i dont need anyone right now because i dont see why or how we'll keep in touch.... ill come visit my parents, and lil bro every year on christmas and new year but i cant stand to live in Sebastopol another year of packing bowls after school or in the bathroom halls thats not the life i want to have i should be happy with what i got but im not.... Chorus: right now im young, a kid in fact, just wrighting a song about my life and what i want, my dreams and goals, as i unfold.... i find time to wright it down with all my feelings within it bound i had a rough childhood but not the worst kids lose there parents and got to work my dad and mom are together, my dad was a drunk when i was smaller, i grew up looking at the stars dreaming some day id be there far away from here.... i was young and small not knowing what was happening at all heard my parents fighting screaming and yelling so id run to my room and sit there with a broom scared and frightened but that was the past and it wasnt all bad depressing and sad im thinking as im wrighting this my life wasnt bad as far as it is its been good and i shouldnt complain about my life and parents again its crazy how my life isnt the same now that was the past and this is the now this may be a long song or poem or whatever it is but im wrighting down all my feelings down as it is so one day i can look back and say "wow! my life was fucked back in the day" and think about how much ive changed right now im in highschool,sophmore year got to worry about what you wear who you talk to and what you do who you go out with and what they do a none ending cycle of peer pressure,drugs,sex, and you theres so much that can and will go wrong from the time your young until you die, with a sigh, not trying to be depressing but its the truth so take a second to listen a minute to read realize we're going through hunger and need while we're struggling and suffering just to get through so much to do in so little time while the rich are just fine they've got the money and power to eat and devour while we go needy and hungry Chorus: like i said,im young, a kid in fact, just wrighting a song about my life and what i want, my dreams and goals, as i unfold.... i find time to wright it down with all my feelings within it bound i dont remember the last time i cried maybe when i broke up with amanda or nicki, last year, my life gets worse year after year i brace myself for the worst its hard to say what will happen tomorrow or today but all i know is its a new day.... im strong on the outside but not all the way through but im sure neither are you ive cried more then once or twice more then i can remember but i look to the future,thinking it'll get better but if it doesn't i'll have to make the best of it i look up at the stars,and think, how much i wish i was there by myself some where but then reality comes crashing down and smashes my dreams to the ground but some day ill be up there where i belong, far from here there may be people that care about me but when i die theyll forget me.... im sure that not even ten people will read this and even if they do they wont read it all the way through people that really care should read this and comment it atleast so i can see i will be missed Chorus: im young, a kid in fact, just wrighting a song about my life and what i want, my dreams and goals, as i unfold.... i find time to wright it down with all my feelings within it bound i dont know what the future will bring i dont know anything but for now ill enjoy being a kid got three years to plan out what i need

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today i was dreaming
of my life in the begining
and out of no where i saw your face
and my heart started to race
felt it pound in my chest
put my head down to rest
but couldnt get the image outta my head
stood up and there you were
the beautiful girl that you are
its like you read my head
my soul and my mind
cuz you said exactly what was in my head at the time
and as soon as i reached out to grab your hand
it dissapered beneathe the sand
then looked at your face
and my heart started to race
then you dissapeared in the dark
and you were gone without a trace
then i woke up
sweating and tearing
remembering what i had done
everything was wrong
i went to sleep dreaming and screaming that night.....
closing my eyes i saw your face
and as soon as i opened them you were gone
and i realized i was wrong

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Were gunna runaway

and say

we'll live for a better day

get rid of the pain

driving us insane

just want life to get better

and us to be together

like back in the day

just like we useta say

that we'd runaway,

far away

and always be together

making life so much better

for the both of us

lets not fus

lets not rush

lets take the time that we need

save money and read

everything we need to know

about a family of three

you, our baby, and me

but that wont happen any more

you whore

i caught you with those guys

now your deep in lies

trying to make it better

living, dying, and realizing

we dont belong together

is now on my mind

and i sigh

and walk out on you

got nothing else to do

but runaway

and say

i'll be living for a better day

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love is a feeling you get
once you meet that person youll never forget
the person that makes you feel good inside and out
that just makes you wanna shout
cuz you love her
and she loves you
and thats how it should be between me and you

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The first day i met you

i remember it clearly like it was yesterday

remember what you were wearing

remember everything

remember your friend telling me

how far i planned to go

but didnt want to say

didnt wanna hurt you

but it turned out like that anyways

i regret the stuff i did

how i hurt you and

backstabbed you in the head

dont know what i said

but do know what i did

to make you wanna hate me

i just want you to see

that i do care about you

more then it seems to be

all these feelings are true

but dont know how to explain them to you

you know what the funny thing is?

i moved on

i gave up on you

and now i dont know what to do

i miss you more then anyone

i realize that now

i dont know how or why

just feel like im missing something inside

a void that was filled when you were with me

by myside...

i regret what i did

i never meant to hurt you

but it happend anyways

i remember that day how happy you were

who would of thought itd turn out like this...

shatterd in peices

That day was the best day of my life

i remember it like it was yesterday

i remember how i felt

remember how i thought about you everyday

and didnt wanna let you go

remember you told me to wright you a song

well here it is...

i meant everything i said

from beggining to end

cuz i swear that,that day

was the best day of my life

i know i cant bring you back

i know i ruined what we had

and it makes me sad

but theres nothing i can do now

if i can make it right again

just tell me how

before i go insane

last thing i need to say

im sorry for everything ive done

up to this day

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