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i am a lonely traveler, traveling around in all the lands of waste, yet still could not find a place where i could have a happy rest. why? because my love still remains unseen, and want to be thus forever....
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goddess of chaos
stands between two rivers,
one's called the sane;
the other, the madness.
she offers the ancient wine
to those who are worthy,
and shows them the highest art
of becoming insane completely.
no one ever drank her wine
would want the wine of any other kind.
for there's an amazing power in it,
it make those who see blind,
and those who can hear deaf.
and a mute once acknowledged
he was cured by her from his talkativeness.
all those healed call themselves blessed,
for without the curse of this mad goddess,
no one can escape the doom of freedom.
no one had attained to the summit of insanity.
no one had tasted the spring of frenzy.
except those who were sealed by her sticky tongue
and bathed in her delicious fart.
don't attempt to shut me up,
i'm not sane, or healthy,
for i regard her turbidity
as my only source of felicity.
if you don't believe what i said,
please give a nose to my body,
it still sends out the fragrance of her crazy.

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very short,
yet very fascinating,
each line tells a broken story,
only clue is left there
like a riddle
waiting for her true lover
to unveil her innermost beauty.

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butterflies fly in pairs.

ducks sport together.

i am alone here like a shadow.

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i am your poem.

you are my dream.

i wet your heart.

you burnt my night.


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i am a lonely boat,
floating in the sea of solitude.
the sea is vast,
yet my hope is like infant,
crying in the deep of night,
desiring the dream island
where i could find my true friends
and enjoy the delight
of mutual encouragement.


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i dreamed a dream last night,

and i become a sower in a field,

a field i never saw,

a field of rich soil.

i sowed  seeds many a lot,

till the shedding of the moon light.

i sowed them by day,

and watered them by night,

and prayed in my heart,

that they'd all bear good fruit.

i prayed and prayed,

till the first bud sprouted,

in surprise i shouted,

"the first born!"

then a miracle happened,

all the seeds were all wakened up

raising their little heads,

and smiling like little kids.

the sun was over my head,

pouring his light like mad.

but all the buds loved the warm air,

bathing with their body bare.

and i prayed i could be like them,

that i could experience the same,

thus i prayed, and dreamed,

and lo! between the buds,

a new one comes,

smiling like a child,

raising his head up,

taking the sap of that great light.


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the bond

----dedicated to che57vy


we are on both sides.

between us

a river runs.

and your smile 

is the gentle swirls.

thanks again for commenting on my blog~
--hope you have a good day.


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the last unicorn
is bathing at dawn.
and no one understands
why this horse has a horn.


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a warmhearted reply

            ----dedicated to boulvard, the warmhearted commenter

a warmhearted reply

like an eternal sunshine,

illuminated my gloomiest night,

and dawned all my why.


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if you are night,

i want to be a night-watcher

all my life.

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a comment is a gentle wind

     ----dedicated to the comment of morninglight

a comment is a gentle wind,
it wakes up the dead from their bed,
and makes them never want to sleep at night.
a comment is a gentle wind,
it makes alive the seed in the mud,
and let it sprout its first tender bud.
a comment is a gentle wind,
it stirs the water in the quiet pool,
and then it will never be calmed down anymore.
a comment is a gentle wind,
it expels away the heavy cloud over my heart,
and then pours down the shiniest sunshine on the thirsty land.
a comment is a playful elf,
it appears where you never expected,
for it becomes unpredictable as soon as you want to catch her.

, ,

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How can i desire more

       --- dedicated to morninglight
            your comment is the first reply i received on this website, thanks a million

how can i desire more, when your reply is already the blessing from heaven?

how can i desire more, when every word of you seems diamond?

how can i desire more, when the cold spell casted by the witch of indifference had been broken by your heart-warming voice?

how can i desire more, when the darkest night is pierced through by the lightning of your shining smile?

how can i desire more, when the disease of loneliness is cured by your potion of loveliness?

how can i desire more, when miracle is like myth in the eyes of all the mortals?

how can i desire more, when magic has already lost its original charm in this time of fake banknote?

how can i desire more?

how can i desire more?

how can i desire more?

but a little voice betrayed me in the innermost place of my heart, it shouted desperately-----

yes more and more.....

blessed are those who could drink the raindrop from the morninglight.


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