i am someone i dont recognize anymore!
a wondering soul trying to find myself-
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My body,my soul,my heart,my mind
i strive to find a center, a medium to my dispair
and when i look into my heart its to hard to bare
the deep dark hole is cold and empty
all of the pain ive buried within me,
has created this person staring right at you
the person ive become is not a figment of my imagination
shes real, feeding off of fear and pain
her smiles, her giggles, are not humble
their lies built up from shame
shame of loosing her true self,
and not being stronger,
shame of giving up and not holding on longer
and i am that girl now, whether i like it or not
ive traded in my identiy and joined sides with the ememy
im a slave to these feelings
and a captive of numbness
Death is now my ally and life is nothing but a memory
its a nigthmare that happens again and a again....
in time though eventually the war will end
one last tug
and a flash of memories
an eternity of darkness,
with me walking into the stillness, holding hands with the silence
-gone with the wind-

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