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i am a 19 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. my name is claudia. I like to travel, hike and swim. talk to me please!!! :)
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I see the world a little backwards sometimes even when im tring to keep everything going in the right direction. There are many sides to everyone. Who they are, who they could be, and who they'll actually become. Follow your dreams and you'll know for sure. It's all about having that one dream and seeing it in the distance surrouning you. Thats what makes it come true :)


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From your eyes you see a girl with a future not worth wrecking. Through my eyes I see a girl that wants a future with the one guy she loves the most.Through your eyes you see yourselfas the bad guy, the one who puts everyone in danger, but through mine I see a handsome, good guy thatis just tring to protect me the only way he knows how to.


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