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im christina;
love to talk about anything;;
so get at me lovess; dont be lame.
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I want you here with me; to hold me; to comfort me; to protect me;
I just wish you knew how much I care for you; how much it kills me to see you and know you don’t see me any more than just a friend; I hate that I love you cause I need the same feelings from you in return. 
I need you; I want you; I just wish I was yours; and we loved each other till the end of time. 
I’ve been patient for too long; and it’s time for me to move on and find  someone else;  but the worst part about this whole this is that in the back of my head I still have hope; that you’ll come around.  
I feel  like I can’t find anything better than you in life; I don’t know if it’s the way you talk to me; or your cute ass smile.  I just can’t give up on you; 

If I could have anythang
I put it on everythang
That it would be you

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the worst feeling in the world is loving someone and them not loving you back; I need you soooo much; i cant explain the way i feel about you; whenever i think about you my heart skips; literally. it hurts to know your falling for another girl; but then again i think about it and i want you to be happy; even if it's not with me. my friends always tell me "christina, he's just a guy, you can find another one." but the thing is; i truly dont want another guy. i want you; i want you to want me the way i want you; i want you to love me the way i love you; and i want you to care for me; the way i care for you. i know were friends; but friends with you isnt good enough. maybe just maybe one day you'll love me as much as i do!

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i never thought i would fall inlove like this so soon.
Whoever ever thought
Id see love in your eyes
a glimpse of you brightens my entire day
your truly  heavens gift from above.
your the one ive been waiting for; the one ive been wishing for.
 our love is like a flower opening to a new beautiful life.
seeing your smile makes me feel like im in heaven.
your the one i cant let go; the one i will love forever and ever.
youve touched my heart in a way which cant be changed.
i cant imagine life without you. you are my world; my love; my life; my everything.
without you i can not go on.
As long as the sun still rise
And the stars still shine so bright
I will always see heaven in your eyes.

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baby i love you.
ive honestly never felt this way about somebody. thats how i know its true love. your the most important person in my life. i cant take one minute away from you. your the only person that can make me feel the happiest i ever am. every moment i spend with youu gives many more reasons for me to love you. Nobody is going to change the way i feel about you, and nobody will ever take your place. your the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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is it just lust.?
i dont understand
you say you love me but it seems like all you think about is sex. a relationship is more than sex. its to love someone with a passion ;;  that you're more than willing to listen to everything i say. and i do the same.  its when you feel empty without me by your side, and to always be by eachothers sides through anything that goes on. i want to do anything to make you happy, and i want to motivate you and support you in anything in life you want to do. i want you to know that i love you even more than i love myself. but i dont know how you really feel and it scares me because sometimes i really think im gonna lose you.  n i dont wanna know what it would be like without you in my life. i love and care for you alot your really important to me.


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