Im just me dont know what else to tell you
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Awake I'll lay
Missing the sound of your soft breath
Still in the darkness
I drift away through the night
Remembrance of you comforting embrace guide me....
Tortured are my dreams
I'll scream scared in the night
Panic is enough to pierce my soul
Awakening Alone in fright
Reaching for hands that are not there

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Yeah none of this makes since maybe you'll figure it out I just write what comes to me "never hold back"

Battles fought but never won
Wounds left to bleed
I've seen some of the darkest places
I've tried to hide my pain in scars
Felt sarrows I thought I'd never come back from....

Yet Here I am!
Strong and willing
Inspired to be something better
With out fear of loss
Worry of things to come
Needing of nothing yet wanting for everything
Taking the days as they comes to me....

Am I a fool
I can't do it alone
Do I need what I want and do not have
Or is it all just an illusion

I need help
I need strength
I need a hand to guide me
I need a soft embrace to comfort me
I need eyes that do not pass judgment
I need encouragement
I need understanding
I need Love without reason
I need to change....

I give so much and ask so little
That’s the way my world has always been
I refuse to take and only give

I need to change
learn to receive
Let down my still guarded walls|
Let you in too stay...

I'm calling looking for an answer
But all I'm hearing is the echoes of my own voice
Why aren't you there?....

I'm truly  such a fool to ask such a question
I look from outside of myself and you're there...Always
But from with in I can not see it
Why? What and I searching for
Something is wrong
I don’t have what I want?
Why should that matter?

Have I not learned to ask
I see it plain as day
everything’s seems so easy on my end
If not I wouldn’t be here....

But inspit of easy we see different things in the same light you and I
You see conflict were I see resolution
I see misunderstanding were you see annoying aggravation
You feel joy were I feel disgust
I feel pain were you feel love

Yet I never Know what you're feeling
Suck a wonderful mistrey
I could ponder to days end if I wanted with so many possibilities
Why do you never tell me how you feel
Am I saposed to know or just see
A hand in guidence please tell me

All just a misunderstanding
The switch is on but the signals not making it though
I'll figure it out on my own with time
I just hate the feeling of being lost alone
No comfort in the dark
I cant think of anything to say to tell you how I feel
I'm so happy!!!
But still confused at the missing I feel
What am I searching for?
This world is so big
I still can't believe I found you amungest the chaos
Will I ever find what I seek
I dont think I could be so lucky
To find two such wonderful things in one life time
Or has it all been in right front of me the whole time and I just cant see it


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