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I am fun,inteligent and quiet a talkertive guy so sum up for the fun!
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Love always whispers in my ears,
Asking questions that I have and will rarely hear,
''whom do you love,my dear?''
''Who`s smile strikes you numb?''
The truth is one and she`s not here,
Not that she`s not near,
It`s just that I cant find her,
I have searched everywhere,
but couldnt find her anywhere,
As for now am a jear,
please wind flow swiftly far,far away to my love,
Tell her that my love for her is growing cold.

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The sadnes I have,
my heart cant bear,
nor can my soul spare,
give me the chance to disapear,
vanish out of here,
quiet and silent that you cant hear,
Its a shame if you do stare,
making me frightend like a surrounded deer,
for this problem is so rare,
to fight I will not dare,
weak am I to glare,
shyly and afraid being near,
when it will end am not sure,
for of cause am not a seer,
so struggle will I with my goal,
In order to sustain my soul,
peace be with you,let me live without fear

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Deep in the shedy sadness of vale,
Memories flash with guilt,
A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme,
Blessing pity as of the saints in heaven,
Full of calm joy it was,as I of grief,
Weary am I struck with guilt and blame,
Beauties that the earth hath lost,
As I with you.

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