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love is merely not an emotions not an action .
lies n confusion.
i drive to love and lust on the undying infatustion
of your enslavement to love another questions
bured in my brian about whether  if love is humane
love is merely an emotion not an action.

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I been dreaming of a story
once apon a time
forever in a dream
your life ia a story
a story about you and me together in this story
together just me and you.
Everybody has a story whether its good or bad.
A bad dream is called  a nightmare
a good story is call is dream.
A nightmare is fighting a story that can be scarybut when im with you
every might mare is only a dream.
I know this story is just a dream
I know i want my dream to be real but
my dream will be my story of this girl i call life.

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Any friday night you could find them
on the dance floor.
Edge against the wall forgive me
What use to be a sense of humor?
such a capricious drug
like faces floating on the surface of a dream
the present.
Iwant no memorey of this place.
And i wish my days to come to be so good and what shines
hidden in dirt crass casualty obstructs the sun and rain
and immortality
none of this seems to relate to today

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Take responsibility
if ut is to be then
it is up to me.
Currently high on life im so focus on nothing but my futute.
You gotta go throught something to get too something
shit happens for a reason just gotta learn to live with it
and move on.The things you do should not surprise me
that what lies do my un dyeing infatuation and lust for
you holds me back from what good things to come its not
easy to be surprise by lies because in this moment you
made me believe in you.Take responsibility if it is to be
then it is up to me that"s why im surprised that i let my self fall for this enslavement of your lies.
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