Dela Bobobee was born on the 1st July 1964, at Aveyime-Battor, a small town on the lush green banks of the renowned world's largest man-made lake, River Volta, in Ghana. He was educated in Ghana and Nigeria. He holds a B.A (Hon's) degree in English, and a Master of International Law and Diplomacy (MILD) degree, both from the University of Lagos. He is a published playwright, poet, short-story writer, and also an actor who had most of his literary works published on the internet and in the "SHUTTLE", a literary journal in University of Lagos, and was subsequently elected as the Production Editor in the 1997/98 session. He has won several prizes and awards for his literary works.

In his poems, Dela Bobobee is very passionate about the preservation and promotion of the rich African cultural diversity, and the final political unification of Africa.
He is regarded in most circles as an environmentalist poet as most of his thematic preoccupations are on environmental degradation, and very vehement in calling on the industrialized nations to ratify and implement the Kyoto Accord. He plays the guitar, piano and tenor sax. He sees multilingualism as a very great asset, be it African or foreign languages. He is also very enthusiastic in learning foreign languages such as French, Spanish and German. Dela Bobobee is also into professional video production, directing, scriptwriting, and video editing. His video production is mostly directed towards cultural festivals, art and crafts, and the folklore of different African countries, and also into professional wildlife documentary and preservation. He is currently working hard to produce his first feature film about the "Trokosi" vestal virgins syndrome of his Ewe tribe in Ghana. He is a life member of the prolific Theatre 15, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), and the Abuja Literary Society (ALS).
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Diamond sparkling, shinning bright
like a star in the dark night sky
now I know the delight you flare
in the eyes of all women’s hearts
go drill holes in men’s pockets

deep down in the recess of earth
men dig with such feverish dint
they scratch, fight and die for you
when braces fall and bury them
die smiling hold you in their hands

deep in strong rocks you are found
broken and sieved form particles
with another diamond you are cut
pruned from symmetry your shape
that’s why you cost such a fortune.

Written by
Dela Bobobee©


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Tales by moonlight!
clean the seats
gather the kids
hug them all!

joys by moonlight
clap your hands
clap your hands
clap! clap! clap!

Catch the moonbeam!
catch them all
catch them all
catch! catch! catch!

Clear your voices!
sing to the moon
sing to the moon
sing new songs!

What's the message?
good children
bright children
clean! clean! clean!

What's the adage?
wise children
wise children
learn good manners!

What's the prayer?
ise children
wise children
God bless you!
God bless you!

Written by
Dela Bobobee©

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The grand designer the earth made
lovingly us made a user’s manual
thereafter, the earth farewell bade
splinted days and nights in annual

in the annual there are 365 days
for a leap year we have 366 nights
in the manual there are 365 rays
called “Fear Not” inside 366 bights

these bright bights are promises
from the storming blasts of life
a vow to every year for remises
to protect from sharks of strive

fear not when you see lightning
because it has already missed you
when you hear a thunder roaring
relax, its just a noise rushing too

see, if a big bolt were to hit you
you would never know your exit
lightning is a drama nature to do
without it plant life could not exist.

Written by
Dela Bobobee©

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On the rolling mountains
in the sprawling valleys
joyful songs in fountains
flowing down the gulleys

on the high seas and lands
hear the air is full of mirth
as birds wave their hands
adore the land of our birth

the children of Africa sing
with one new joyful voice
good tidings change bring
pageantry your new choice

make joyful sounds Africa
from the lark voices borrow
sad songs are over in Africa
sing no more songs of sorrow

years of dread and plunder
are forgotten in forgiveness
the gentle breeze in blunder
sweeps bitter with happiness

gone are the days of dirges
its time to burry old hatchets
its time to take new pledges
spin new progressive ratchets

joyful songs break Jericho walls
sad ending a happy beginning
see your yoke of drudgery falls
see your past glories regaining

Written by
Dela Bobobee©

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Measure not my Africaness
with your foreign parameters
of modernity in transition
for society is truly dynamic

mistake not my true altruism
with passive pan-Africanism
of incurable procrastination
for it’s a victim of thief of time

see my Africaness within me
in true conjugal family ties
my beliefs, aspirations, hope
suffering erosion but still alive

our future charts from indigenous
cultural traditions, adopt and adapt
non-African cultures compatible
Africa's needs, goals, circumstances

Africa shall drink from the gourd
of sane scientific perspectives
western educational practices
but remains in true Africanism.

Written by
Dela Bobobee©

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