i am 16 years old, 3 days ago i got my first gf.
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Im 16 years old and i just got my first gf, she's 16 to. we met 3 or 4 months ago at a party she lives in mississippi and i live in GA we've been texting and talking on myspace ever sence. we never talk on the phone i guess that's my falt i'm not much of a phone person but i'll text like crazy. i didn't like her as a gf at first but as time went on i started to. now we've been texting and myspaceing for 3 or 4 months. one day she asked me if i liked her, i seid yes, she seid she liked me and we started going out. 3 days later she seid ''can we just be freinds, i want this to work but i can't handle another long distance relationship, i still cair about you.''. i seid ok and we broke up, this was all in texts. i should have told her how much i love her. we've been texting some sence then, but i can't stop thinking about her, i miss her, and love her. SHOULD I TELL HER HOW I FELL?

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