I'm the man with the sad face I can't be happy some time but I'm the man with the sad face when that time come I will put a little smile on my face I'm the man with the sad face all I need is a little love from a woman to hold me and kiss and show me what love is I'm the man with the sad face let her be the one that will make me happy I'm the man with the sad face. She will show me what is true love is she will take my pain away I'm the with the sad face when I open my eyes she will be here tell me you are the with the happy face becuzz I love you thank you for help me
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are all types of Lies.

there is one that hurt’s the most

lie you tell yourself.

one you use when you say you don’t need any help.

you say I could do better by myself.

one that you use when you say that didn’t hurt.

he leaves you because you lied and said you could found someone else.

you can.

would he put up with your lies himself.

what kind of money you make

you know that all that money in the bank.

a lie on it self because you owe everybody else.

you lied about what car you drive and about what you can buy .

you had to borrow money just to keep that lie to yourself.

lie also hurts the most.

you lie and say I’m ok.

you lie and say.

won’t cry if one of your family members past away.

is the most dangerous of lies. Lying to yourself.

this day forward I would not tell myself a lie again.

shit I just lied to myself again

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Love come and go we don't know when it come but love will make you kill when you are hurt. Love will let you see thing that not really when you in pain. Love will make you take you're own life love is not a game. Love do feel good  so if you love some one make sure that person feel the some as you it not a game. For when you have love some one that had play game with you're heart and you have give you're all to that person when you have cry day and night it's time to walk a way and live you're life love is not a game.


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One day one of us will not be here then it'll it be to late to say I love you.  


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She was married I was not The sex was good

She was married she had to lie to her husband  

 to be with me. She was married

she told me the sex was good I was her first she can't let me go

She was married. She did thing to me in the bedroom that she never 

Did to her husband dam the sex was good

 she will lay next to me in my bed when her phone will ring

she will answer her phone he will ask her is she okay she will lie to him an say
I'm just live work I'm on my way home to be with you my sweet loving husband

She was married. She told her Husband she a good wife

I would never lie to you because I love you

He just walk away with a smile on his face

Saying to his self I have a good wife

 It was all lie’s

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I here on my bending knees lord Praying lord like a man with problems on my mind

Only you know what going in my life You have the answer to my problems I can’t

denied what I have cost in my life It don’t make me feel like man So I have to come

to you for the answer lord You have the tool to free my mind lord So I on my bending

knees ask you to help me To sit my mind free from all of my problems that I cost in my

life my body is tired I have hurt a lot of people in my life I just won’t to make it right lord

So I ask you lord show me how to Make it right show me how to be A man agene let my

light shine one more time I won’t to feel free from all my problems I won’t to feel the

sun on my face agene Lord let me be free

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The tears that fell
From my  eyes,
And where they dwell
Showed that inside I’M dieing

I sitting here thinking about what you said to me,
Alone in the office ask my self why ?
Thinking about how can you sleep with sum one

When that person doesn’t care and talking shut to you.
 Only for those tears to come back.

 Now, let me rest.
To find peace in me.
I’m tried everything to be my best,
you tell me a lot of thing but do you minding it

Hate believing what isn't true Tina or what is a lie

I think you don’t care about no one but you’re self.  

Caring is not in you but it cool with me



Please don't think that I'm insane.
Cause believe it or not I have a heart

Do you have a heart ?

Or you hide your self from the world

Or you hide your self from me

Tina you need to stop pushes me away

Our just let me know you don’t have

Time for me I will always be your friend


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What to say?

There’s nothing that I can do
to stop these feelings for you.
They’re growing inside of me,
and I just can’t make you see
that what I feel is real,
and I just can’t help myself.

I don’t want to let you know.
I don’t want to even show
that all this I have inside;
I just can’t, and I have to say goodbye

I don’t want to say goodbye.

Do I say goodbye to you
after all this time
Will making me feel so empty inside
without you here by my side.
Just tell me you’ll always feel the magic
we did reveal and never forget
the day we met,
because I will never regret
the day we became.

Do I say goodbye to you
Forget about what we did
Forget about what we said
Forget about all the days we held each

Other in our arms.
It’s only causing me and you harm.

To think of all the times
we were together hugging and kissing.
Enjoying so breathlessly this simple reality
that you don’t belong to me, and you’re just a mystery.

And now I need to say
I’ll go along my way.
Saying goodbye to you
is the best thing that I can do

can’t take this no more
and I don’t want to go through
you said you can’t care for some one

It come from your Mon and Dad

You just can’t take the time

To fine your feeling you need

To take a good look at you’re self

And find you’re self it not that herd to do

If I live you only have your self to get mad at

Knowing you don’t care fuck the world that what you will say

So just take your time and ask you’re self what do you want


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Little love for me that all I need

Kiss you and hug you that all I need

Just give me a smile that all I need

You or sweet to me that all I need

let take a walk in the park that all I need

You make me happy day and night that all I need

So let have a baby that all I need

If I ask you to be my wife that all I need

Wakening up to you in the morning that all I need

If you get bigger it moors for me to love that all I need

When you thinking you getting older I get older with you that all I need

When you make love to me you make me feel like a man that all I need

When I have a bad day at work you tell me that it be all right that all I need

All I need is you in my life just be my wife

And a mother to my kid’s that all me need.

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