well my names daniel theres so much about mi. well i write poems about how i actually feel. i play the guitar and i write a few songs. but really im just mi im the kind of person that would be there for someone that hated mi. im the kind of person that would do anything to see a crying person smile. really i just love helping people any way i can so really even if i dont know you just come and talk to mi ill try my very best to help you. im the kind of guy that smiles when anyone else would be crying because i know one smile can make another persons day. and well if you really want to get to know mi just ask and ill be there.
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when i think back to those days
those so very special days
it belongs just to us two
standing still in that moment
it was just mi and you
and thats all we needed

those days have come and go
but its all i ever think about
all the days together
the laughes we had
and memories we shared
never forgotten

but perfect things do have a flaw
they'll end sooner or later
leaving a hole in your soul
never to be filled
and with an ever growing need
the need to be with you again

but as my days got longer
and my nights so ever colder
i never knew what to do
so i dreamt of you
wishing that this dream
didnt have to be..
just a dream

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ive come to realize something
something about our lives
their always going to be pain
but its you, you who choose
wether or not to suffer

that life isnt about waiting
waiting for that one speical girl
its about finding just a girl
and loving her lyk shes' the one

its apericating everything
from a breathe taking sun rise
to the awe inspireing l o v e
while your heart takes control

those very things
so precious
and so fragile
make life so very
p e r f e c t
so never let them go

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The day we met
I thought my eyes were playing tricks on mi
But my heart told mi it was her
The girl of my dreams
As she walks towards mi
love overcomes my heart
then before i knew it
i was stareing true love in the face
wishing just one wish..
the mircle of mi nd her
with hearts intertwined

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To my first love

you'll forever have my heart

every absolutely perfect second

my love for you grows

so long has passed and

I'm still in this trance you put mi in

my eyes see nothing but you

when you're away my lips long for yours

but when I'm with you

its an describable feeling

but i do know this. . .

my heart belongs to you


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Joy overcame me once upon a time

Love was what kept me going

I went from cloud nine

To the deepest level of hell

All in once instant

When my heart fell through

Snapped in half

I thought id never get through

But then at my lowest

I saw something..

It was my heart coming back to life

Love, joy, pure happiness pouring back into it

I was back on cloud nine..

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