Hi, my name is Tahari and i am lovable and enjoy writing and reading poetry.
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Ready to be hand in hand

So I can tell the world

You’re my man.

Ready to give you a kiss and

When I’m not around

You’ll daydream and reminisce

Ready to hold you and

When I speak, you’ll know

My emotions are true.

Ready to give you my heart

Knowing my love lives inside you

Weather near or apart.

Ready to be your future,

Ready to be your wife,

Ready to spend with you, my life.

Ready to be your joy,

Ready to be your pride,

Ready to give you hope, when

Obstacles come as a surprise.

Ready to know your secrets,

Ready to learn your fears,

Ready to wipe your face form

All your tears.

Ready to see you smile,

Ready to hold you down,

Ready to say three words

            “I LOVE YOU.”

Never to leave a frown!


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I climb to reach another level

I step to move forward

I walk to get to my destination

I run to seek justice

Love is a building block

Feelings need a foundation

A heart needs hands to be held

Love is a building block

Questions need answers

Thoughts need a mind to flow through

 A desire needs to be fulfilled by pleasure

Love is a building block

A relationship need communication

Words need ears to listen

Faith needs hope to lean on

And your future needs eyes to see

Love is a building block, so

I climb to reach another level

I step to move forward

I walk to get to my destination

I run to seek justice

Life is time, and every minute

Counts on the clock,

Love is a building block


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My body starts to shiver in the warm wind. Whistling in my ears as it passed by.

It’s just not right that you’re not by my side. The door seems cracked but not big enough for me to peep through, so I stand…

Phone ringing, but silence when I answer. Melodies of your name is on repeat

Gloomy mornings I arise from a dream, which you swept me off my feet

It’s just not right that you’ve gone; gone to a place you lay and call it home

While our hearts still entwine as one. Belonging with love and not with fate your

Disappointments should upset me, how I feel it’s too late, too late of apologizing

Because all you wanted was me, I was blinded by the past, and our future ended with three

Eyes wide open yet you’re unable to see, the chances we have, and what’s really meant to be

Lips seem sealed while words flow continuously, truth was revealed.

It’s just not right you had to lie. The betrayal was on your mind,

The deceit was carried right behind, behind the fact that you’re still in love

But I question myself no more;

 I just ask and look above

It’s just not right.

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When I open my eyes, and I feel

Life inside, joy overwhelms my mind

As our hearts beat as one.

Time has walked along where your movements make me aware…

Life inside, fills me up with pride, when I cry, you feel my interpain.

Though the father I’ve lost but from you I’ll gain.

Gain knowledge to teach, cherish and love…

But above all things I’ll support.

As my little life moves I knew you’re there,

 through my moods, cravings and health.

I know when you get here you’ll be thankful,

 with a big round head,

Skin of smooth brown,

 Knowing part of me lives inside of you.

We still be one but live as two.

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Waiting to be held

Waiting to be kept

Waiting for your lips to press upon mine

Waiting for the day loneliness

 Would release for my mind

Waiting for the clouds to hide behind the sun

Wishing upon this star, wishing for my lucky one

Waiting to exhale

Waiting for new oxygen to breathe

Waiting for love to begin

 Wishing the dreary moments would end

Walking with my head up high

Walking with a smile upon my face

Knowing I’ve been rescued, and

Past memories has been erased

Now on this side, my grass is now green

My sun now shines, my heart now races

Now that I’ve left the past behind

My soul mate seeking is now at rest

My compassion match has been the best

I fear that I’m no longer lonely

Because someone special has found me

He likes to be called t-money but his

Real name happens to be Tony!

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I use to be fond of winter ‘til my nights started to chill without you lying by my side


Dawn arise and I’d fall asleep without the joy you kept a smile on my face


Autumn leaves now fall, the color kept mellow mild moods on my mind

Oh, what seasons I was fond of.

Time has passed with the equivalence of my love

Leaking out of my wound briefly, slowly, going on and on


Snowy days I awoke waiting to see the glorious smile,

Captivating moment I’d fall into your arms

Low whistling in my ear from the whispering wind that takes deep sighs of my breath away,

Patiently waiting for your presents… left alone with your absence. Still awaiting

The sun now shines where I stand but rain constantly showers over me

I stand… still… hoping for rescue, not for safety, but for comfort

Shaking dripping wet, drying my the moist tears that filled my eyes,

Wiping my face from the falling drops


I use to be fond of this summer day

That day you said you’d stay, instead you walked away

Shattered with low confidence, shame, hurt

But no grief while happiness lie on the other side of me

I’m just praying, praying that someone will come get me before the flowers start to bloom.

Bloom! Taking me away from the gloom filled heart I placed into someone’s hand to gently cradle

Slipping out his hand and broking to pieces all apart, leaking love that was kept tight in my heart.


I use to be fond of seasons ‘til I found out the meaning of why love changes cause the reason.

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Vessel of live is

Where my blood pumps

Many times I felt a strain

But they always said

Love isn’t suppose to be pain.

The path is now narrow

Where you once lead me

My chin rests upon my chest

When your back turned against me

From that moment I knew

Our love was gone to rest.

Pupils widened as you stride away

Darkness overcame this valley

At the last site of you.

Emotionally beaten, physically accused

Is it her? Was it me?

Thinking thoughts I never knew.

Time has approached to renew myself

Now standing, not sitting

Waiting on my wings to fly.

I lost my pride long ago

Trying to compete for desire.

Allowing myself to cherish

This Day for love

I’m yet lonely with pure joy

Knowing im more than all the above

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What you’re about to hear

May bring tears but some things

In life you have to fear,

It’s something that happen today

That I have to say.

Baby, i’m so sorry

You’ve been here and you’ve been there

Through the thick and the thin,

I went to the clinic to make a mend

And there they said our precious was dead.

I’m kind of happy but also sad

Because I know I didn’t have

 the emotional stability

a woman should have.

Life continues and time goes on

We have the future to bring a little one

Loving you is all I need, and

One day we’ll have a seed.

Keep loving me and never end

Always know we’re lovers and friends!

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{This was written to my from the love of my  life}

My Dream Girl


I use to think of a girl like you,

When I met you my dream came true

And all I wanted to do is please you.

It was hard but I made it through

Now I’m sitting here reminding myself I got you.

Everything was alrite until I lied to you

I promised myself to be true

When we weren’t together

we always made it back to two

Girls tried to holla but it didn’t  work ’cause of you

I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you

And now all I can say is “I love you”




Dedicated to:

My wife, love, and life


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I couldn’t tell you where it began

And I don’t know how it end.

A friendship endured that was

Failed and misunderstood.

As time went on I thought of

My faults, and still can’t find a

Clue of how a relationship of

Sisterhood fell apart.


You know when I write, it comes

From my heart;

You been on my mind when I go

Out and do things we usta;

It don’t add up.

At times I pick up the phone

And dial your number, I hang up

Because what friendship we did

Have, stumbled.


I can’t get the fact of how the day

Came, we didn’t talk, and it really

Didn’t feel the same.

Question asked: What happened?

I really wanna know. It’s like I

Knocked and knocked and there 

Was no answer at the door.


You know I would’ve done anything

For you, no one could’ve took the

Initiation we had.

You weren’t my friend, I considered 

You as a sister, more like blood.


Now lies, deceit, and hurt is in the passage

Between us, cause of the thoughts and words

Of others lie in the middle of us.

It may sound funny, but I wouldn’t waste my 

Time thinking and ponderin’ of the question:

“Where happened to our friendship…”

Think about it, cause it’s not the fact of “I don’t

Like you”, cause that’s not true….

But if you don’t care, leave it behind.

If you do, take time to figure out, and let me know;

What happened to a friendship once endured but
Was failed and misunderstood....

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Young girl, sixteen

With a lot of dreams,

Suddenly ran into the

Wrong thing and was

Blinded by a four-letter word.

Her friends once told her

He was no good, they already

Knew, and she didn’t think

They truly understood. 

Mature as she was she would say

“I’m grown, I can handle my own,”

The young girl would look her

Family in the eye, as she would

Walk away while they weep and sigh.


As time went on he kept her in the

Latest fashion, she thought he was

Giving out of concern and passion.

One day came and he was ready for her,

Emotionally she felt guilty and deceived to

Have her innocence tooken, so naive.

She asked “why do you wanna do this to me,”

He responded, “It’s your time to pay respectively,”

He went on without proceeding to ask,

Never thinking of it again, she left it in the past.


This young girl started seeing other guys

Because she felt, he wasn’t her place.

Jealousy arouse, he was fed up and

Pleaded a case.

Little did the young girl know her life

Was in danger, told many times before;

Please just leave the stranger.

Once spoken for the heart

“I’ll love him ‘til death do us part,”

She meant this seriously as her

Day became dark.

Cursed by the black rose,

He said she belonged to him.

BOOM! Shot to the head, and

Her body remained motionless, 

As she lied dead.



He took her hope, freedom and life

Without thinking twice.

He wanted her all to himself,

He felt that it was right.

Faces silent, full of tears

Surrounded in this cold world

Tormented without fear.

Walking slowly, he dropped a

Black rose in her coffin,

Staring around at others.

With his head hanging low,

He had to face reality,

And realize it wasn’t life

For him either anymore.


From the beginning

Death was going to partake

But everyone learns and are

Encouraged by their own mistakes.

Lesson learns is love doesn’t

Hurt or abuse.

Young girls, taking advantage 

At times may be refused.

Being cursed by this rose because

Of the choice she chose

We know she’s with a better man,

Which is in God’s hands.


Make better decisions, or

Death will set in and night will fall,

Pay attention, young girls,

Please just listen, that’s all.

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Its oh so typical
You dont know where to go
Someones got you broken inside
But dont you give up hope
Its just transitional
True love will materialize, yeah
Youre gonna find it, but

Oh baby dont look for love
Dont you know that love
Will find its way to your heart
Yeah, youre gonna find it
But dont go looking for love
Dont you see that love is there wherever you are
Its all inside of you

Youre searching for a face
To fill that empty space
But nobodys got you open tonight
Be patient and endure
Oh baby rest for sure
There will be salvation in time, yeah
Youre gonna find it, but

Gotta find a way to tap into your inner place
And make you stronger
You gotta make it make you strong enough now
Gotta let the pain subside and liberate your mind
Hold on baby, love will arrive

Chorus until fade

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