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That I hate it!
by: Me

I'm calling your name
but you don't hear me
do you see my lips moving?
it was you i'm calling
how come distance so obscure
...and that i hate it!

Far away from your world
that's my special place
i love to see your face
i want to kiss your lips
how badly i'm missing you
...and that i hate it!

Will you shut up, Dennis!
stop buggin' me, please!
keep away from me...
it's not funny anymore...
that word makes me sick!

but I still like you! =)


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Haunted Nightmares
By: Me

Haunted with my nightmares
Dreaded my mind's core
The ghost inside my thoughts
Never goes without a cause

Succubus' killer aroma
Like a poison I was in a coma
An evil that pornify my brain
Seducing me makes me insane

One night, I dreamt of a Queen
She vaporized that seducive villain
She's a Queen without a reign
Yet her beauty no one can claim

Spoiling her in my dreams
She weakened my nightmares
My scythe of fear ended so well
Haunted nightmares brought back to hell

She's gifted with a royal charm
Blessed with a humble heart
She's not a myth, she's not a tale
That's all I can tell

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