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I am a young lady who enjoys writing poetry, reading and doing unstressful things.I love to laugh and enjoy the simple pleasure of life
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Given my history of failed love, you would think that I would learn

But it shocked me when I realised, there’s more inside no matter the burn

It happened so quickly that I can’t explain how it came to be

That a tall, dark and handsome can affect the confused heart of me

We spoke no words of feelings as we sat there on the bench

Till the cold wee hours of the morning though neither of us had wrench

Someone came to check on us, though they did so un-regrettably

Cause they did not like that we were still up and talking in the gallery

This mystery connection was forced to an end and though no words were said

I felt as though I just found love, though my heart had once bled

I swore to myself never again to love another, never again will I bother

To fall for someone who will up and leave, or for one who will stay to make me grieve

This feeling that I had, made me want to burst

But I made myself stop and think, should I call “Sherlock Holmes” first

To find out what is hidden in this mystery

Before I fall and hurt myself and repeat history

It’s a good feeling I must admit for it had been a while

Since I had something felt like this, to fill my mouth with guile

I sit and wonder if what I feel is what it might be

But then as I shudder it makes me ponder, could this be for me

My heart goes pitter patter as it beats against my chest

For whenever I think of him, I become distressed

By the thoughts that cloud my mind

I wonder if he sensed that too, but I hope that he was blind

To the fact, that there might be, something stirring inside of me

The next time we meet I hope I’ll be cool

And don’t act like a girl, just out of school

The alcohol’s to blame, there’s no other at fault

But I choose to remain unnoticed and locked up in my vault.



                                                                                                              Jan.29th 2009


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A great sense of humor is what he has; he’s smart and serene too

He possess the potential of being all that and maybe, even my boo
He knows when to speak and when to listen; his most alluring charm

But I must be careful of my actions, because him I could harm.


I look forward to his conversations but mostly to seeing him

And I find it quite amusing when that act makes me limb.

He teaches me things when they seem amiss and gives sound advice
Don’t be fooled by his endeavor; cause he is filled with such vice.


The day we first held hands we were filled with pleasure

And we realized we have found a hidden treasure.

Though the feeling was mutual and nothing came out of it

None can deny the sensation it caused; when the beacon was lit.


Now faced with a new dilemma because we awaken something, dormant

It instigated questions, which must be answered before we become rampant.

Often tease each other to find secret weapons of the trade

And at times it is obvious; so we don’t complain.


My new friend is such a romantic unlike my other half

He knows how and why to do things which would make my BF barf.

It would be quite interesting to see where things go from here

Who would be believe we’d become such friends, when it’s not been one year.


Give thanks and praise to this new friendship; one I hope will last

Cause from where I stand; it looks like its going to be a blast.

Don’t want to let you go; I hope I won’t have to choose

Cause I will sure be heartbroken if you… I did ever loose.


                                             Tricia J.

                                             21 years

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Today marks the first day of me accepting my loss

After all the pain and turmoil; I made it through with remorse.

It seem so bleak as I reminisce, bout the days I will miss

And the way we showed our loved, we were filled with bliss.


It feels like forever since we last part

When you decided to move on and break my heart.

It was the worst day of my life, I thought I would die

So much pain you gave me that day and that is no lie.


I loved you then and I love you now

You have moved on and like I don’t know how.

You replaced me so quickly with someone undeserving

Of all the love and all you give, and it is so unnerving.


But I have to learn to let you go and it’s harder than it sounds

To look past my love for you, which, around my heart it mounds.

It’s going to be tough but hope I’ll find a way

To be your friend and be there for you, each and every day.


A new day is dawn, so bright and askew

With lots of hope and dreams I wish to pursue.

I must set my love free in the clouds floating high

And gather enough strength to say “good bye”.








                                                                                          22 years

Dec 2007

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When all seems dull and I’ve lost all hope


You’re the one I turn too, to help me cope.


You give me strength and help me achieve


You chase away all doubts and help me believe.




You make me so happy that my heart overflows with glee


Those are three reasons why, with you, I want to be.


So thoughtful, so caring, so cuddly and soft


You’re a sensitive, sweet gentleman when we’re at your loft.




I love the way you make me smile


And how you always make me feel worthwhile.


I love every single, silly thing you do


Cause that allows me to be goofy too.




I enjoy your company which is why I don’t what to leave


And now that I have to, it makes me greave.


I miss you every second, of every minute, of each day


So I guess you could say, I love you every possible way.




The way you smile when you tell your corny jokes, always rouse me up inside


And when you laugh, so outrageous & scandalous, it brightens you up; outside.


Your eyes sparkle so full of mischief and something I will sure miss


And the way you showed your love for me, it was sure bliss.




I loved how you were always there for me; always ready and willing to fulfill my need


You were the first one I could count on, to comfort me if I should “bleed”.


I loved your phone calls, which held a high priority


And the way you would look at me, with much sincerity.




In a nut shell, it’s safe to say that I love the whole of you


And I would have liked to be your one and only boo.


So if you don’t deem me worthy, that is quite a pity


It just means that you don’t have what it takes and I find that’s witty.










22 yrs    

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