I´ll ...wait for me
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First you feel, and think, and forgive, and love, and decide, and forget...You think and again you act...and hate and feel..and forgive and will be one never ending life itself.

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The cold night came thru my window... It was locked as locked as my can the wind steal my dreams this way?

My secret dreams...they were safe inside of me.The dark night gave me goodnight kiss.

the only thing now is the end of all things i wanted. This taste is bitter. Guilty cold night!

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Wish i could tell you all things i pass tru

wish could tell you about my pains, wish i could see myself as one familiar shadow

wish i could have wings to fly away from my ghosts...and just dream in calm lands

i want tranquility to my my heart...

i dont want stop trusting, i dont want stop believing, i want keep my journey.

i will keep my journey with no calendars, no time settings.
I believed you..i trusted you...maybe i loved you once ..but there´s no time for us, no place for us.
Am i wrong? maybe....but i´ll not suffer no´s a decision!

written in 2001 ,august 05th.


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You came as a shy rain and became a storm of feelings deep inside of me!
You make feel strong
You transformed my heart
you make me feel things are possible.
You show me how easy and light things can be
You came so slowly into my life into my dreams
You make feel alive again! How strong you are!
shy rain and now a storm of feelings deep inside of me!

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